Friday, February 5, 2010

Fun Day Staying Well (Pictures Galore)

Lola and I have just stayed to ourselves for the most part this week because we didn’t want to get sick again, and everyone was getting sick!  Kebby, then my mom, and I just think my dad may be sick any moment now, but fortunately he feels good.  This seems like the exact thing Clay had a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully he is good to go too!  Yesterday Lola and I missed the money class, but Clay went and took great notes for me!  We had such a fun day yesterday hanging out and I managed to get 5 hours of work in!  I worked 2.5 after she went to bed and the other 2.5 during naps!  It worked out fabulously and I worked an hour this morning during her nap!  I’m getting much better.  Nonna was suppose to keep Lola yesterday so I could work, but since they were all sick I was determined to get the hours in with Lola and I was surprised at how easy it was once I put my mind to it!  Okay, okay- I sound like a mom!

But here are our cute pictures!  I was so excited over these!  Okay prepare- there are tons!  I love WLW.

We decided to fight the rain and went to Target! I put her hair in a pony tail and cracked up when I was pulling out of the drive way and just say this funny little pony tail sticking straight up! Haha! So I took a picture!


So Lola only took a short afternoon nap, so I had to keep her awake, so I gave in and gave her these cookie biscuit things that make such a mess!  Although she was much better at eating them the last go-around, it was still very, very messy- but it was close to bath time anyhow!

068 069 085

She went to take  few drinks and then couldn’t find her cookie- LOL!! 


In the hair!  Gross!


She likes to wave at the camera!  It’s cute!


 055 053 112 

Bath time!  I had to rinse her off then fill the bath tub up so there wasn’t crumbs all in the tub!  It was all worth it and she loves her bath just as much as cookies!


She loves trying to grab the water!

182 174

I have discovered that if I leave her in the tub while it drains then rinse it out with her in it, she has fun, gets to play a little longer in the tub, and I get no icky residue left in the tub.  Bath tub stays a lot cleaner this away!


Isn’t the water in these pictures crazy!?

  208203 207

She knows what duck means and said it in the tub last night.  So she can say duck, dada, bubu, kebby- but no momma! :)


I was thinking of using this picture in my frame in the den!  I love these two…

197 194 135

So I put Lola in a king size pillow case and spun her around… she loved it!!!  It was crazy… I got so dizzy!

005 (3)008 - Copy  

Ba came by to see Lola for a few minutes and decided to do a headstand.  It was much  more impressive to me, than Lola. Haha- I just had to get a picture!

    012 (2)

Lola cracks me up with this Elmo.  And the way she was sitting was cute so I had to get the camera out!

020 - Copy  022 (2)

Lola plays Peek-a-Boo with blankets and rags.  It’s so cute.  She actually tried to play in the bath tub but the wash cloth was too small.  It was so funny, because if she can’t see she thinks you can’t see any of her!

033 - Copy 027 - Copy 030028  

Of course she had to get some reading in!  She reads everyday and she has favorite pages in the books she loves and she goes to those pages.  The other day she was making weird sounds with each page, so I think she as attempting to read! lol

003 - Copy 

Okay after a long, fun day time for bed!  She cried harder than usual in the crib so I got her out after ten minutes and rocked her and changed her to cooler pajamas.  Then after five minutes at the most I put her back in her crib awake and she went right to sleep.   I guess I’ll have to keep figuring out the timing, but I am getting so much better and reading when to go in there and when not to.  Mother’s intuition.  :)



Debbie said...

Such a little sweetheart! I think her eyes are getting bigger and prettier each passing day! Love that Lola!

Ginni said...

Cute pictures! I think my favorite is her in the bath tub with her eyes looking right! She has such pretty eyes!

Nonna said...

I love how she loves bath time (spa time)!!! I just love all the pictures! Thank you JoJo! Love you three!!!

roxrae5679 said...

NAT!!! IT WAS SOOOO GOOD TO SEE YOU LAST NIGHT!!! I am leaving a comment so you wont think I am creepin'!!! HAHAHA! But seriously, Lola's eyes are to DIE for!!! Goodness, She is gorgeous and obviously soooo much fun!!! Love you guys!!!