Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hearts go out to Jenny

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Bizailiion and Ross Families for the loss yesterday.  The tears just keep  coming.  I feel like God brought her through so much to loose her in the end.  But I know she is in bliss walking the streets of Heaven right now and smiling down on the love and community that came together for her.

Her Carepages that had the updates on them had over 11,000 people registered and she has almost 10,000 comments and still more coming. 

Please pray for this family during this difficult time and for her little girl.  I can’t stop thinking about her little girl loosing her mommy.  I look at Lola and it makes me sad to think about her not having me, but Jenny’s little girl is surrounded by so much love and just some really incredible people. 

Also, this family took on a huge debt to try and save Jenny- If you go to carepages.com and register and search for Jenny Bizaillion, there will be instructions if you want to donate.  I know every penny will  sincerely help!

Dear God- Please give this family peace, rest, and lots of love.  Amen.

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