Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Proud Mother

I think the differences between a mother and father are quite funny.  Really entertaining.  But my post isn’t about that. :)

I am so proud of Lola for learning to go to sleep on her own.  And now that she is capable of putting herself to sleep I have noticed differences in her during the day.  She seems to be much more aware of when she is tired and definitely tries to tell me, “Hey Momma, it’s nap time!”  She also goes to sleep easier for the most part during the day no matter if I rock her, use her swing, or even in the car.  Lately she will lay down on the carpet (or tile for some 035 - Copyreason) and “rest.”  It’s so adorable.  I have seen other babies do that, but never my little energizer baby. 


I just think she’s such a good baby.  It’s not even 9pm and she is sleeping in her crib with only a few minutes of crying!  So proud of her, really.   And now I have time with my husband, time to blog, and unfortunately tonight, time to work!  But at least I have a job were I can work at 9pm in my pajamas in my home with my family! :)  Thanks Dad!

Okay off to work…


The McCoys said...

You should definitely be proud! And yay for her sleeping in her own bed! All that hard work is paying off! Congrats!

Ginni said...

Hey! We do need to hang out soon! Just let me know when. And I could so see Clay doing the pizza thing, Charlie enjoys it! ha ha

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you all are all well now.
Just takes time doesn't it to train these little ones to bed - so glad Lola is sleeping on her own now!! I am seeing if I can get this to post - if not I give up!!
love you ~ Meme'