Monday, February 8, 2010


Lola says “Mamamama” now!  It’s still a little limited, which makes it super special when she does say it.  I was playing in the den with her today and got up to go to the back and she comes speed crawling down the hall yelling “Mamama!”  Then at Hobby Lobby she was saying it!  Then while eating lunch she was saying it trying to get me to share and since it worked so well, she did it again at dinner time when I was eating chocolate pudding.  Of course I just had to share!  It was so cute. And I have witnesses!  Nonna heard it when we went to visit Houston Clark!  And congratulations to Courtney, Matt, and Savannah!  So excited!  A healthy, beautiful baby boy!  And Clay heard her in the background when he called home to check on us!  She was saying “Mama” trying to get some of my mac and cheese. And Gram and Popper are witnesses when Lola begged for pudding.  So it’s official.  She has said it a little throughout the week, so I knew the time was coming!  Hopefully tomorrow she will remember she can say it.  But “Dada” still seems to be her favorite word! :)

And the Bachelor sucks.  Do you all really like Jake?  And the Ali thing seemed super fake.  Really annoying.  I kept wanting to fast forward.  I feel like I would like the show more if I liked the bachelor and I hope Ali isn’t going to be the Bachelorette next.  Seemed like she might.  Or maybe she is coming back?  SO dumb.  Very weird show.    But on the other hand I decided to also give the Biggest Loser a try this season for the first time, which may shock some, but I think I am liking it.  I definitely would rather watch it over the Bachelor.  It’s amazing how much weight they can loose- one guy is about to loose 100 pounds in 6 weeks which will be the record on the show.  Crazy! I want to go on and just see how fast it would take me to get in great bikini shape!  I could come out looking like Kebby!  Haha- I wish! :) (But I would want to keep my boobs!)

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~Laura~ said...

yay! Isn't it a great word?! :)