Thursday, February 11, 2010

SNOW DAY! (Video in post below!)

042 Well, it’s just a shame that schools weren’t called off considering is just doesn’t snow like this often.  So, Lola and I declared are own SNOW DAY and I didn’t work today, Clay only worked part of the day, and Lola and I checked Kebby out of school so she could play in the snow with us!  Yayaya!  It was kind of funny, because I had a meeting scheduled with dad (boss) today and sent him a text saying we were skipping work and building snowmen instead!  Apparently him and Nonna wanted in on the fun, so they popped in around noon in their snow gear! lol!  We all love acting like kids!   Lola wouldn’t crawl in the snow, because her hands were cold and then when we put mittens on her she still was not to in to moving around.  It was pretty funny!  By the time Clay joined in, Lola had the snow thing down a little better!  And Lola and I had to teach Clay how to build a snowman.  Seriously.  He was trying to compact a big ball of snow and it was falling apart!  Haha- I had to teach him the “roll it” technique!  He was quite impressed I knew how to do this and wanted to know when in my life I had learned this!  I told him he really needed a brother or sister! Haha!  Tomorrow morning we want to see how big of a snowman we can make!!  And we want to go sledding!  But we plan on leaving for the lake tomorrow!  Clay is off work! Ya again!

So here are the snow day pictures!  Here’s the first time in the snow: Lola, Kebby, and Me!


She kept trying to bend down and eat it I guess?


Examining the snow!  What a cutie!


Aren’t they the prettiest snow angels?


Speaking of snow angels, are attempt didn’t go so well!


I threw a snow ball at Lola and Kebby took this priceless shot.  She couldn’t figure out what the hell we were doing!  She didn’t know what to think of snow ball fights!


Maybe my favorite picture of us! :)


I thought this picture was funny!  Lola is playing with her  mittens and Kebby is in the background making a snowman!


Trying snow…


Not a big fan…


Love this picture!


Now Ba and Nonna go back out with us! We love snow!


All three of our hats look ridiculous!






Now back inside to warm up!  But we can’t help but stare at the snow still!  It’s amazing!

083 084

“I love snow Momma!”


Yayaya! Daddy is home! Back out we go!

094 095 096  098


Building a snowman!


Not a big fan of the snowman yet!


Thinking about it…


Haha- looks like she is trying to lean out of the picture!

 104    108 109

She is still trying to figure out why we want her standing next to this big blob of snow!

110 111

Let me explain the terrible outfit! The hat is cute, just doesn’t match, but is keeping her ears warm! Her jacket is perfect because it’s water resistant with a warm lining! Her mittens are just shoved over her hands, but aren’t they cute? And her pants are actually overalls with fleece inside and leggings on.  And the crazy, crazy shoe things are from Guatemala!!


Yaya! She likes the snowman now! Shhh…113 114 115

Now back inside we go!  We actually got out in this weather and had dinner at CFA and it was so weird being the only ones in the dinning room!  We quickly came back home and it’s 7 and Lola is sound asleep!  Wouldn’t that be amazing if this was for the night! Ya right.  But the snow wore her out today!  Just wait till the morning Lola!  :)


We LOVE snow!

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Nonna aka NayNay said...

What a fun weekend! I am glad Lola got to see a beautiful snow! Love all the snow pictures!