Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catch Up…


Lola is finally better!  I think… she actually had a weird rash today… and has been pulling on her ear non-stop… so fingers crossed.  She did have Roseola because Thursday night she broke out in a Roseola rash, which didn’t last long.  I don’t know what’s up with the rash today!?

But here are some more snow pictures!  I just love snow pictures! No wonder she got sick! :) Oops.

This is our tree in the front- and this picture doesn’t even do the damage justice!  Thanks to Ford for coming over and taking care of it! (And Robert!)


We all just had woken up to a freezing, powerless house and went outside to see the beautiful snow and the damage it caused!  Quick family picture!  I actually love this picture.  I feel like it could be a classic one day!  We all look like we just rolled out of bed!


So Lola and I headed to mom’s while all the guys took care of the trees!  Normally we would have ALL enjoyed the snow, but half the tree was “resting” on our roof! 

Mom’s house looked so pretty so I took a picture!  I was taking pictures all the way there while driving!  Never seen such…


My mom is a blast!  As soon as we got there, we fixed breakfast then stuck Lola with Kebby and Christin and mom and I went to build the cutest snowlady! Happy Valentine’s Day!  We brought Lola out for the picture!  But she doesn’t get to take credit for our snowman!  And Nonna said “shit” when she lifted snowball #2.  Haha.  Did you hear that Lola?




All bundled up!



Knee deep in snow!


Kebby, Christin, and Lola




After fun in the snow, it was time to come in- full body shot of Lola: She looks like a little winter baby rapping! Haha


We went to check on the boys and Lola crashed! I have found something that makes Lola tired and that is snow!


And later…


Haha!  Well I have more photos of different things I just need to upload, one being Uncle Nick’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Bub!  We love you!  Hope you like what Clay said you would! Haha!

This past weekend, we spent time just catching up now that Lola was back on her A game!  Sunday we got to spend the day with Clay’s Aunt and Uncle, Grandparents and Gram and Popper.  It was a great day and Lola was a trooper despite lack of sleep! She got some cute outfits and got to wish Bailey good luck for her last year trying out for high school cheer!!!  Good luck Bailey!  Enjoyed the time and love seeing Lola surrounded by so much love!

I’ll post more pictures soon! :)

We got to go watch Lost now that Lola is asleep!!! (10:30 p.m. Lola!! – You’ll get pay back one day!)


Mary Grace said...

Tell Nona I am sooooo disappointed in her for cussing...I am just glad Lola was not out there to hear it. Hope y'all are doing well!! I miss and love y'all very much! Hope to see you soon!!

The Murphree's said...

Hey Natalie! I didn't get your message about Lola's bedding...I am curious though! These pictures are adorable I love her zebra boots. Your parents house looked so cute in the snow and yalls snowlady was awesome!

Carole said...

Well I guess I am going to have to come be Lola's Nona. I mean really??? HA SHe is too cute in the pics Love her!!!

nonna said...

Excuse me but what happens at Nonnas stays at Nonnas! I am sure you heard me wrong!!!! BUT that was one heavy snow ball! We had a blast Lola!!! Ba and I are in Washington DC and we are so ready to see you and your mom of course! See you for spa day Saturday!