Monday, March 1, 2010

Perfect Weekend

Well this past week went slower with no Nonna around!  We missed her and Ba as they were gone to Washington DC for the CFA Conference.  But we did have the pleasure of keeping Kebby all week! It’s funny having a teenager hanging around, even if it’s my sister, now that I am a mom because it makes me think about having a teenager!  I sure love having a baby and I want lots of them, but not sure I want lots of teenagers! Haha!  Kebby really was great and helped out a lot!  She even gave me a hand when I decided to randomly clean out the garage one afternoon! I am doing lots of early spring cleaning right now!  So it was our pleasure keeping Keb! 

So Friday I woke up feeling awful, but it didn’t slow us down!  Lola and I did some more cleaning that morning and Paw-Paw and Maw-Maw came by to fix a couple of things I broke trying to get a Settee through my hallway and into my bedroom!  So I big thanks for them for doing that last minute!  Then Lola and I finally got to see Nonna and Ba on their way home from the airport!  They brought us Georgetown Cupcakes too!  I tried a bite out of each! Haha!  Lola was really excited to see Nonna and Ba decided he should have come without her! :)

Then Laura and Aubrey came over for a play date.  We were suppose to go eat, but I was in a comfy, pajama type mood so we all just hung out.  Since Lola has started walking some (should have posted about this!) she kept pulling up on Aubrey and falling her.  But Aubrey’s so cute because she got jealous when Laura loved on Lola and of course Lola loves on Laura!  But it didn’t keep Aubrey from sharing her food with Lola.  They shared their snacks all day!

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Then… Clay got home and we met up with his family to go eat at Rice Paper, which is pretty yummy.  We love that place!  We took Lola to their house first so they could have some play time before going to eat!  She was so excited to see her Gram and Popper and always loves all Gram’s jewelry! 


And that night we got to take our NEW car!  Clay has a new car- it’s a 2001 Silver Jeep Cherokee Sport.  It’s so Clay and I’ll have to post a picture soon.  Which the new car means my beautiful Honda Accord (2003) is for sale!  If you know someone interested- let me know!  We hope to sell it soon and it’s been detailed, new tires, oil change, and is ready to go! :)



So on to Saturday- I got to get my hair done thanks to mom, and got to spend lots of time with Ginni!  We had lunch, did manis and pedis, and looked at fabric!  What a perfect day! Then that night Clay and I had fun eating pizza, drinking sodas, and watching Big Love. Oh and thanks to Clay for working on the car and getting the tires and oil changed that day!  Friday and Saturday night Lola went to sleep in her crib pretty easily, so hopefully that happens tonight because it makes for a good night!

So Sunday we were getting ready for church and Lola fell off the bed.  We were close to taking her to the ER, but held off.  She slept for awhile but I stayed right by here.  It wasn’t any fun for her or us.  Scared us to death.  But later we went and had a late lunch then parked the car at CFA for a little bit.  Then my dad helped put some finishing touches on the Honda.  Yaya!  Then that night we had a great time going to the MAVS game and Laura and Robert joined in.  Clay had free tickets, parking, and gift cards for all the yummy junk food!  So I took advantage!  Late night, but so refreshing doing something different!


Wow- no kids in our picture!


Then today Lola slept an extra amount and Laura and I went to First Monday tonight which was fun!  I am so proud of my mom for what she does with those women.  I knew they all must adore her.  I sure do!  It’s funny though because she always giggles or cries on stage… and has her Jesus voice.  Tonight we learned how to decorate and use letters or initials in a meaning and homey way.  It was great!

Now I am watching Bachelor and posting… so here’s some pictures…

Here’s from Nick’s birthday…






Maw Maw and Lola:


Lola knows where Jesus is and grabs Nonna’s cross necklace.


Lola is wearing a dress!





Here’s when Lola was sick… she was so sweet and snuggly.

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Okay gotta’ see who wins tonight…

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~Laura~ said...

Yaya, fun weekend indeed! Thanks for inviting me to the game :)