Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well Lola and I got in a wreck yesterday and Clay did today, BUT not with his car- with his iPhone! Haha- his screen shattered into a million pieces on our kitchen floor.  And it’s real glass!  So we scooped Lola up for a bath while I got all the little flecks of glass up.   We really needed to lower some bills so I guess it’s God showing us we can do without the bells and whistles.  It’s funny because in life you can do without all the extras, but it’s easier when you never had the extras, then when you’ve had them.  I could careless about the iPhone until I got it and got used to it, but I’ll get just as use to not having it and probably drive safer- although yesterday I did NOT wreck while on the phone- I was drinking… a bottle of water!

Also, I am trying to decide between a couple of possible possibilities of part-time work… eh.  Please pray that God opens the right doors and at the right times for us. 

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