Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beautiful Days

Can the weather get any better than this?  Just a little less wind so Lola doesn’t blow away and this is perfect weather!  I dread the ridiculous heat coming soon… Lola is already sweating in her car seat and it’s just in the high 70’s.  I am glad she will soon be forward facing, so she can get some air on her. 

She’s getting so big.  We met up with Laura, Aubrey, and Collin for some fun at the park this afternoon and she just ran and chased them both and the ducks.  Bad idea… the duck part.  One almost took off her finger no exaggeration.  Those ducks aren’t scared of anything, especially toddlers.  I’ll now know for future park dates. 

I worked this morning and was glad to get off by lunch.  When I picked up Lola she was ready for a nap so we headed home to nap, then back out running errands.  I decided to let her go to the park before her afternoon nap, which apparently woke her up too much and we skipped the afternoon nap.  Oh well.  Hopefully she’ll go to bed early tonight.  I have noticed JUICE seems to keep her up!  Whenever she has had juice she is  much harder to get to go to sleep.  It may be a coincidence but I am keeping an eye on it now.   Days with no juice, naps and bedtime goes much smoother.  Hmmmm???

Well while we were out we ran by Old Navy and you won’t believe it!!  They had a toddler Girl Scout shirt!  So of course we got it and sent Clay a picture of her in it!  He loved it!

Here are some pictures of Lola over the past few days playing with Aubrey.  Thank goodness I finally charged my camera… pictures have been few and far between…




She’s got her cell phone and baby… hmmm?  Wonder if she has seen this done before?  :)


The wind blew Lola down a couple of times!  Haha- looks like she is busting a dance move!


Sharing treats as always… such good friends!  Laura in the background!  She’ll probably kill me…


Good thing Laura is a girl or she would look like a chester in the background of all these pictures! Haha!

073 074

080 082

084 086 101  091105  Silly wind…



Have a good rest of the week everyone!

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~Laura~ said...

yay for TWO birthdays- fun!
Love all the pictures, super cute-o! Those girls are seriously crazy people! haha!