Friday, March 26, 2010

Lake Pics

From a couple weeks ago, but I just got the chance to post them!  Too busy!  This is from celebrating my mom’s 50th birthday! Notice the difference in the two days versus Lola’s outfits.  Crazy Texas weather!

Little bitty Kebby and chubby Lola!  If it makes anyone feel any better Lola is drinking water from that gigantic Sonic cup!

341 344

Swing breaks throughout the day thanks to Ba!  Lola loved it- we gotta get one for our house!

  444 (2) 448 (2) 116 (2) 099 (2)

462 (2) 

459 (3)

120 (3) 126 (2)

134 (2) 136 (2)

Lola had her own card for Nonna, but she wanted to keep it! Haha!  She really liked the cards over the gifts!

149 (2) 155 (2) 167 (3)

So here is proof it isn’t all the boys fault… see picture below.  But the guys did get the bright idea to have a fire down on the dock, but managed to carry the heavy chimenea (sp?) down from the deck, but not the stand… oops.   And by the way, it was my strong hubby who carried it! :)

207 (3)

So the next morning Clay noticed the chimenea was leaning on its side which seemed odd due to the weight of it, then we saw the smoke coming from the dock!  Nonna and Clay took off in a dead sprint and Lola and I lagged behind in our pjs!  Dad was working out at the club house, so thankfully missed the drama!

236 (2)

232 (2)


How lucky are we?  Dad had a great reaction, bc really he took part in the fire the night before and we were ALL just grateful it was only this!  I can’t believe it didn’t catch fire! 

Pictures from the night:

And I am aware of the pasty white skin- I must get a tan soon!

159 (2)

 158 (3) 067 (3)

Lola loves the hammock!

047 (4)

I didn’t try for this picture, but I sure thought it was cool!

 027 (3) 019 (4)

Makes me realize just how small she really is still!

017 (3)

Searching for magazines!  Cute little legs!  


Lola can’t forget her Bible reading!  Seriously, isn’t she funny?  And no, this Bible has no pictures!

  430 (2)

Lola loves these fake ducks!

400 (2) 382 (2)

Clay carried the pack-n-play down to the dock! Haha!

265 (3)

280 (3)

329 296 (2)

And our boat ride sure was enjoyable, after it almost exploded.  I told my dad I smelled smoke when we took off… but no one listened.  After several minutes, the smoke alarm went off and we opened the back up and TONS of smoke!  I kind of freaked out! Haha!  I just didn’t want to jump in that cold water! And my mother cursed at me!  Haha! I just thank God I was smart enough to not allow Lola on the boat!   My dad says over and over that he can’t imagine what my reaction would have been like then! Haha!

Well I hope Nonna had a great time celebrating her and her birthday at the lake, because we sure did!

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