Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy 11 Months Lou-Lou!


One month shy of a year and it’s astonishing how much she has grown and developed in 11 months time.  I loved her so much the minute she was born and really felt an instant unconditional love and connection with her, never believing I could feel more love for her then I did then.  But it just isn’t so.  I love her so much more with each passing day.  The scripture I put up the other day says a heart at peace brings life to the body and I feel she has put my heart at peace and gives me life, along with her daddy.  What a great family I have!

So at 11 months there’s so many things to share:

  • Lola is wearing 12-18 months clothes.  Her growth has slowed down incredibly, but her appetite is always increasing! 
  • She loves snacking on all sorts of foods like baby zesty tomato puffs, mum-mums, cereal, loves fruit loops, pop tarts, M&Ms, pasta, and her favorite might just be MAC AND CHEESE!  That’s my girl!  She is drinking V8 light strawberry banana something another…
  • As far as bottles, she has about 5 a day, 5 ouces each.  I am hoping we can make an easy transition over to milk and sippy cups, but I am a little worried.  What’s it matter if they use bottles after 1??
  • She weighs almost 23 lbs.
  • She has had a terrible ear ache for almost a month and a visit to an ENT is taking place next week.
  • She is obsessed with children, including her best friend, Aubrey.  (She loves Laura a lot too!)
  • She says Jesus pretty clearly! Mama, Dada, Nick, Duck, Ba, (lots of “Bs”) I think she said Brown Bear… she seems to try to say a lot, but some things just aren’t clear enough to count…
  • She loves her toothbrush, her bedroom, her books, her bath time and her talking Elmo, which leads into her new love of Sesame Street.
  • She never crawls now and can stand up without needing anything to assist her.
  • She has seven teeth now and one just about to poke through.
  • Her hair is still out of control and growing pretty fast… no curls… yet?
  • Sleeping is still a major problem, which the upside to that is it keeps the baby fever away for a little while longer.  She sleeps with me and with the ear aches, Dr. Bala said no more crying in the crib… :(  She naps in her crib and on the rocking chair…

Well she is so full of energy even at 9 p.m. I need to go play with her and get her ready for bed!

Happy 11 months Lola!  You are so loved by EVERYONE!


~Laura~ said...

yay happy 11 months! Can't believe how fast its gone!! I love how much the girls are learning, and its so fun to watch them together! We love being lola's (and yours!) friend! Love yall both!

(and, i didn't copy you.. I was already going to do my post! haha!)

*Courtney* said...

Wow! It goes by so fast! I can't believe she is already about to be a year old...she's adorable and we just love her.

nonna said...

I can't believe she is 11 months old! She is such a joy to my heart!!! I just adore her!