Thursday, March 4, 2010

Celebration Time and Happy 10 Months!

I hope everyone who weighed in their advice and gave their encouragement in this matter can shout “Hallelujah” and smile with me at this great news:

Lola has learned to go to sleep in her crib! :) 

If she cries, then she isn’t settled for some reason or another so I get her out and reassess.  Diaper got too wet, needs more bottle, or not tired enough… but that is rare now!!  Most nights she gets all comfy and snuggly and goes right to sleep.  It’s wonderful!  Really… and I owe some thanks to several people because I feel this took a team: Trisha for being the only one who can relate and caring, Joi for her advice and encouragement, Gram and Popper for the video monitor and the bear we stole from their house :), Clay for trying to help me through it (lol), my mom for her “I told you so comments” so I could prove her wrong…haha- I guess mom’s do know best (remember this Lola!), to Maw-Maw for listening and allowing me to complain despite me creating this problem, and finally Laura- after Lola got sick we seemed to be starting from square one again- but Laura stayed during nap time and got me to let Lola cry for longer than normal and that night she went right down and pretty much has ever since.  So thanks! I hope I didn’t forget anyone, because like I said- I feel like I needed a whole support system to get through this one!  Now, I need to get her sleeping in her crib all night!  Some nights she sleeps in her crib all night and other nights not so lucky.  But I really think she prefers it.  She now lays down on our carpet and will rest… or let me know when she is tired.  I also need to get her to take naps in her crib.  That hasn’t been as successful.  But a lot to rejoice about.  Never thought we would accomplish this!  I was picturing her in college still being rocked and sleeping with me!


New Funny Thing:

Lola loves to “talk” on the phone.  She takes our phones and puts them to her ear and just babbles away!

202 - Copy

But really almost anything counts as a phone to hear, even a remote… but the real deal phone is way better… but still babbles away…


And actually when nothing works as a phone, her hand works well too… and yes, she still babbles away.  Anytime anyone says “hi” she puts her hand to her ear!  So cute at 10 months!

231 - Copy 


Lola at 10 Months:

  • I love that Lola can now walk!  It makes her seem so much older.  We shopped for fabric today and she walked!  And crawled some which was yucky, but we’ll blame that on Nonna- she got a bath when we got home!  And Nonna is probably saying we blame everything bad on her!  But I don’t think it’s hurting you any!
  • Lola is wearing 18 months and now can actually fit into some 12 months again.  Weight seems to be shedding with all the crawling and walking.
  • Up to 7 teeth now and still teething like crazy.  When does the drool end?
  • Eating more and more adult like foods, although I still am adamant on her having bottles for good nutrients. 
  • Wears shoes regularly now and it’s so darn cute!
  • Says “Jesus” and thinks Jesus is the cross around Nonna’s neck.
  • Loves Aubrey and now I know she loves swings too!

And still a Momma’s girl!  And I am a Lola girl!

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Debbie said...

What a beautiful child she is! We feel so blessed to be a big part of her life. Thanks for sharing with us! Love you Lola Lou!!

~Laura~ said...

So happy for you and Lola that she is sleeping in her bed now! I know it was a really tough time for ya'll.. now it should be all downhill! :)
And, LOVE the last pic of her in the pink- super sweet.
And, Aubrey loves Lola too :)