Saturday, January 31, 2009


Welcome 8th MONTH! I can't believe it... my third and final trimester. It went by extremely fast, but I have a feeling the next couple of months may not. My sleep is off and on, some nights I sleep great and some nights not at all. I keep having reoccurring dreams where I am in situations where I have to save people's lives. I am normally very pregnant in my dreams and sometimes I know the people and other times they are strangers. It is quite bazaar and I wake up very stressed. I am ready for new dreams. Dreams that have to do with sunny beaches, tropical drinks, and size 2 figures again!

This week especially I have really started to feel FAT! Clay loves the pregnant body and always tells me it's a baby, not fat, but truth is the baby only ways a few pounds and I have gained quite a bit more. It's partly fat and even the part that is baby still makes you feel so much heavier. I will definitely start to work-out as soon as the doctor gives me the okay after birth, so all of you can hold me accountable.

I must have been naive or just very unaware, but I never thought certain things would happen to me or at least not until a few weeks before delivery... like...

1. Clay's T-Shirts fit me...
2. My "girls" are already two cup sizes bigger and this is pre-milk stage- I liked my "girls" before pregnancy and now they seem to be just a little out of hand, and in a few months I will have so much "boob-age" I will definitely be able to afford to lend some to my mom and sis- who could use a little help... LOL! (They like their girls for the record.)
3. Bending down to tie my shoes sucks and leaves me out of breath.
4. I would want and wear underwear like my mother's... mine just doesn't look the same on.
5. Back rubs would ever feel so, so good. Clay tried to get out of the back rubbing thing for awhile, but now he will do it whenever and often even ask if I want one (without me asking!) because he knows I love it and he loves me! And Lola! It makes me forget I am pregnant for a few minutes and helps my back not ache for an hour or so.
6. My tummy doesn't fit underwater when I take baths... poor thing hasn't it awhile too... My entire body might be submerged under water except that belly and of course my girls.
7. I manage to get even more car sick even when I drive... looking at houses isn't the same.
8. I have to use a full-length mirror to see parts of my body I can't see anymore, no matter how hard I try...(That might sound gross- but every pregnant girl knows it's true!)

Well I am spring cleaning since April won't be as good of a time, and it's taking me forever. I can only manage to get enough energy to do a closet or room at a time. My house is a mess, but as soon as I finish spring cleaning it should feel really clean and the clutter should be good. My Mom and Maw-Maw said they would help me get the house real clean right before Lola arrives, which will make me feel good!

I hope to have a garage sale in about a month. Give Clay and I some Lola money. If you have clutter in your house bring it to mine and I'll sell it, although I must warn you... your clutter is a donation to my garage sale... all sales go to "Lola's Fund." Haha... last year when I had a garage sale my mom gave me some stuff to put in it and for weeks my dad kept asking where his check was from what they made at the garage sale. Mom and I finally had to tell him how the Natalie Garage Sales worked. Lol--- he was dead serious too.

Lola's room is just about done. I only lack small little things and I finally found something for over her bed. I got it at a deal for $30 dollars and am hoping it ends up looking great. I am having my mom paint and glaze it because we weren't crazy about the original color. She still is planning on painting a table in the nursery then I should be done... done enough. I could always find things to add and tweak, but at least I will feel like it is finished besides adding lotions, jellies, diapers, etc... Clay and I walk in that room almost daily and just stare in disbelief that we are going to have our own little baby, a baby girl.

Well Lola is moving around a lot still and the movements supposedly increase until about 32 weeks. She still moves as often, yet because of the lack of space the movements seem more like wiggles than kicks and pokes. (We will see if this is true) I am in my 29th week. I am looking forward to different kind of movements, because these sweet little movements of hers make me very sick. In fact I have felt more nauseated now than I did in my first trimester! Despite it, I like to know she is moving and getting stronger, so keep kicking Lola.

Well countdown definitely has started and I look forward to her arrival. She has 8-12 weeks longer. 8 weeks seems sooo short, but that will make me full-term and 12 weeks seems kind of long still, but I know it's just around the corner.

Clay and I are still trusting the Lord that He will open doors for us and Clay is doing what he can. Please pray that we continue to trust God through this anxious and stressful time.

I really need to clean a little, but I am worn out and am gonna nap for a minute before Clay gets home.

I'll post more pictures soon of my belly and the room. I definitely need a belly shot so I can keep a good record of how much I am growing! Wowzers!

Love Nat-
A shout out to the silent readers (Laura!). Thanks for posting a comment! It was great to hear from you and that baby girl of yours is just adorable! Keep in touch! For anyone else that may be reading and I don't know- comment!!

And a thanks to Cassi for always reading and sending Lola and me sweet texts letting us know you are thinking about us! We think about you and can't wait to see you coach in Dallas.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My name is Natalie.
I am 23 years old and married.
We are currently expecting our first child.
I am... an addict.
In fact, I am a ruffle addict.
Every pillow, blanket, piece of cloth I sew has to have a ruffle on it. I tried piping, but it didn't suit me. The ruffle is what I must have. And I am also struggling with my addiction to sew. I wake up and sew before I even fix my breakfast. I know this is a problem and I need help. :)

I love this sewing thing... now I am officially done with sewing for the nursery!! I have sewn the material that I covered the rocker in, 8 pillows, a cute curtain, a bumper pad, a crib skirt, a big baby blanket, a little-bitty mini baby blanket, a large seat cushion... could that be it??? Oh and lots and lots of ruffles. I have put ruffles on lots of things. I love them! I hope the pictures do everything justice, if not you'll just have to see the room in person! I'll post the videos in order so you can see the progression then post pictures of the things I have made... THE NURSERY IS NOT DONE- some shelves are decorated (2 or 3) and most of them just have stuff on them- and nothing is hanging on the walls yet... and I still need side tables to go next to the crib... so that is my disclaimer. I don't like showing pictures until it's all done- but I'll give a sneak peak of her little room~

Nonna loves to help! lol (And that chandelier would be real cute to all of you if you only paid twenty something for it! That might be the biggest reason I love it!)

Me and your daddy even think about you at the grocery store!

Stacy and I were cutting in since Clay surprised me and painted the nursery the night before. The shelves, doors and closet all were painted a few days before this video by Clay and my mom! The did a marvelous job! The shelves were wood. Everything looks better with a new coat of paint! The Chandelier is also hanging but isn't done and the shades aren't on yet!

Stacy and me a few hours later- all done! Mess was cleaned up! Thank you Stacy for devoting so much time and work to Lola's nursery!

I am sewing away- This is me as a beginner- I get better! Clay talks to me sometimes while I sew so we made a little video of me sewing! (I like how I already think I am a pro- hey without any confidence I wouldn't have made what I ended up making!! LOL)

Clay worked so hard on making the closet feel clean and new for me and Lola. (Really me as he would say!) He painted it a fresh, clean white, put in shelves (I covered them in fabric!) and replaced the attic door thing. I also covered it in fabric. Well worth a dollar and I like the look better than paint! Her closet is getting full! It has more and more in it and is now being over taken with bows! Thanks Nonna! :) We love bows! (The wooden sticks still need a coat of white paint on them!)

Here is her name I made! Yes I think it is cute and yes I made them- I sound a little bratty in the video, but I wanted to show you her name! I like the letters!

Nonna came to my rescue! After being up all night making ruffles to sew into the bumper pads and making the ties I thought I had been in a car wreck... I was so sore. Nonna came to help pin (She prefers hot glue to sewing so she made an excellent "pinner"). She saved me time since I didn't have to pin...

Once Nonna left (after a few hours of pinning) Lola's Great Grandmother, Maw-Maw came to help me finish. She took over the job of pinning and by this point I was so tired but determined to finish that she also helped me think through the best way to finish! And we got it done! Thanks to both of you for helping so much! (I cute Maw-Maw off by accident at the end.. Lola- she was telling you she loves you very much!)

Now pictures:
Here is Lola's rocker- It was originally bare wood and had an ancient piece of fabric on it: now it's been painted, covered and monogrammed. I covered it myself so don't look too close! :)

Lola's curtain: (no ruffles, but crystals!!)

Lola's Bedding: (The bedding picks up a shine in the picture- the purple isn't actually shine this much!):

The pillows and blankets you'll have to wait on- and don't forget- that purple isn't that shiny! :) LOL

These videos are still loading! Ahhhh!!!

Love y'all!

Thump, Thump, Grow, Grow

Every kick and punch proves that Lola is growing strong and I love it! Although I feel she is already growing up too fast and she isn't even born yet! Now her movements are strong and steady and as much as I love knowing she is growing... Her moving around so much makes me want to vomit. I feel like I am on one big roller coaster (and those that know me, know I hate roller coasters) especially at night when she tends to move the most and I tend to want to sleep. And lately I have been waking up around 7 a.m. compared to my normal 10:29 a.m. (Long story why 10:29 a.m.)... I guess Lola is a morning gal. I was up early during the first trimester as well. The first and last trimester seem to be very similar. Starting this Monday I will see the doctor every two weeks then if I haven't had her in two months I should see him much more frequently through the month of April. The month of April will be my tenth month of pregnancy!

I know I am in the homestretch starting now, but I still can't believe how big she feels. I've also noticed how long she is and I think she likes to stretch out! She still sits real low, which I imagine won't change. They say you drop soon before you go into labor but I can't imagine her being lower... I already feel she could fall out of my "cookie jar." BUT don't worry- the lid is on real tight! Too much info?? Sorry. When I squat or bend over I feel like I am crushing her. She does seem real low! I have such a short torso it's hard to tell looking at me, but she is nestled down really low. (I'm guessing you guys get the picture... it's just amazes me though- the good, the bad, and the ugly.) The other day her foot or arm or something was nestled in a real weird spot and I could completely feel it! I am sure this is all old news to the moms already out there! But it isn't to me! It's crazzzyyyy!

Okay here are some pictures finally!

This is me around 24 weeks...
and then at 26 weeks...

See the difference??? (Might be my most weight gain in a two week period... the weight isn't be tracked anymore, not really...).

I feel like I actually look smaller naked- which is pretty funny... Here is one with my shirt down and my stomach looks so funny to me... I can't even believe that's me! I feel like I am 9 and dressing up for Halloween!

I am going to grab a bite to eat then hopefully post some nursery pictures! I promised Aunt Jill and Lola's Godmother, Stacy (we call her Godmother- LOL), that they would be up soon!

Be back soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Non-Diaper Bag Look...

I happen to marry a man who has opinions about the picture frame I choose for Lola's room, the color of the couch pillows, the way furniture is arranged in a room, and what diaper bag is cool or not cool... Apparently Brad Pitt has a cool diaper bag (Did we seriously think he wouldn't?) and now Clay has lots of opinions about diaper bags and he wants his very own for when he is on the go, solo, with our little girl. I don't think it would be fun trying to keep up with one diaper bag and all those little extras in it, much less two. So I thought if I found one we both like, that would solve that... and it's been surprisingly easier than I thought. We tend to like the same style and we both like the ones that look... well, manly. I definitely like ones that has room for a classy monogram and I like a longer strap which makes it look less like a purse which is good for Clay. The picture shows one we both like, although we both thought the tan (mustard as they call it) color would be best. I love the white but it is just waiting to have stains all over it. We have both still been looking, but this one seems to be winning. I'll post more pictures if we find a better bag we both like... key word... both! :) So much fun becoming parents... I love it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting Closer...

Lola's powerful little kicks remind me that she is constantly growing and soon will be here for everyone to love! I can't believe I am already in my 7th month. The months even out now... First of February starts my 8th month, first of March starts my 9th month, and finally APRIL!! I'll be in my 10th month! I am feeling pretty good and just amazed at how my stomach continues to grow. I don't think I could get any bigger then I wake up and low and behold- I'm bigger.

My last day of work will be around the first of April. I am praying God opens doors for our family so I can focus on the being a great wife, mother, and housekeeper. I have faith He will.

Just wanted to check in and let everyone know we are doing great! I need to post videos of the nursery yet I have to wait till I have some time as they take a little while to load. Clay did a great job on his day off making Lola's closet more suitable for a baby by adding shelves, drawers, and cleaning it up! He is getting more excited about her arrival everyday and loves talking to her through my belly... although he uses a real weird voice so I warned him in order for her to recognize him he will have to continue to talk to her like that... so he went to normal, Clay, but a little sweeter, voice. My family refers to this as the "Jesus Voice." The voice you use when you talk to Jesus. It's so cute though, whichever voice he uses.

Well my husband just fixed me a bowl of cereal... gotta' go eat! (What a sweet man!)

Love Nat

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lola is the proud new owner of....

...this to die for, too-cute swimsuit. Her Uncle Nick surprised her with it today! He was going to wait a while to give his gift, but I talked him into letting me (and Lola) open it tonight! I went nuts! I loved it and knew right away Lola would get plenty use out of it during her first few months in this world. I can't wait to take her to the lake and we can chill on the dock while her daddy swims. It will be so much fun. Nick also bought her adorable matching sunglasses just her size. I have to give a big thank you to Nick for the cute gift but also a thank you to Jill under the table. Jill gave Lola a rhinestone pacifier that is super cute and Lola and her momma' are very thankful. We love it! But I have a feeling Jill had some influence on the cute bathing suit as well, so A+ and a big thank you to her! Lola loves you already Jill! I am telling you I am counting down the days till she arrives and she'll be a son lover just like her momma'. I told my mom that I can't wait to introduce Lola Lou to the lakehouse. She's going to love it. It will be so weird having a baby, my baby (Clay's too!), there this summer. Too fun! I am real impressed with Nick's gift and have to admit that I don't think it can be topped... I told my mom that today and she said that she will just have to see about that... and then I smiled and told her there was one word... BUGABOO! It is my and Clay's dream stroller which I am sure we will end up buying because we plan to have four more kids to follow! Mom laughed... I'll have to blog about this stroller though because it is wonderful! Debbie and I first saw it in a shop in Snider Plaza and I can't find anything that compares... love at first sight.

Tonight I was chilling out with Nick and then we got Mom and Dad to meet us for dinner and then we thought it would be fun to go by and see Clay at work. We crazy Clarks got a great idea we found to be quite funny... we would go in one by one to see Clay and act surprised when we saw each other as if all of us happened to go to HPB at the same time, unknowingly, that night. The whole thing was more entertaining to us than Clay... After talking to Jill later she said that was such a "Clark Thing" and then later when Clay got home he said that was such a "Clark Thing" too. Oh us Clarks... Nick, Dad, and I were quite entertained and mom played along.

Well I am hoping to sleep better tonight than I have been. With the mix of my crazy, too real dreams and tossing and turning all night my sleep quality has really gone down hill. I need to go shower and try and get some beauty rest.

Much love-

Monday, January 5, 2009

No Worries...

Lola wasn't acting as her normal self, yes even inside the womb, so it concerned me and Clay some, but we went to the doctor to make sure all was well and we heard a strong heartbeat. It put our minds to ease. The doctor told us not to judge the quality (strength or weakness) of the kicks or movements, just for us to notice if there were any movement or not. She got so strong for awhile and when that faded it scared me! But she is good... I must have worn her out working so hard on her little room. I like to feel her move often even when it makes me a little sick to my stomach because it lets me know she is a happy girl in there.

I finished the bed skirt and now am about to tackle the bumpers. I want a ruffle and monogram on them so it makes the project a little more detailed than I expected, but I have full confidence in myself, which helps. I don't know why I was so convinced I could do this but thankfully I am because it has saved us a lot of money!

I ask everyone still keep Clay and me in your prayers. He is working hard on finding a job. We hope something opens up soon so we can be at ease before Lola is born.

Thanks for all the support and all of those who read~

Love Little Momma'

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Le Creuset is Magical!

Okay so I asked for a skillet, a nice one, for Christmas. I figured Clay or someone would go to Marshalls pick out one that was fairly expensive for a Marshall's item and have that as one of my smaller gifts for Christmas... but to my surprise I opened a Le Creuset Skillet in a nice red. I knew that this brand was considered very nice and I knew the price tag proved it. Clay could see disappointment in my face when I opened it. I normally enjoy a bunch of small gifts rather than one or two expensive ones, so I was shocked I got such a nice skillet. He didn't understand why I might be disappointed because he said it was the definition of a nice skillet and I would be needing it as I learn to cook more and more, especially now that our family is growing. After some discussion I decided to take it back, but he happen to drop it on the tile floor chipping the skillet some, so I knew it was mine for ever. Well the whole point to this story is I LOVE that freakin' skillet. It is amazing. I bet the entire line is that amazing too. After reading all the great reviews on it I decided to be optimistic about my skillet and use it as much as possible and on a variety of things. It is magical! I made tasty eggs that didn't stick and cleaned out easily, pancakes that turned a beautiful golden color, homemade alfredo sauce for our homemade pasta we made, grilled cheeses, etc... nothing too fancy, but it's definitely good motivation to cook some things I might not normally do. Clay is glad to see that I like it and I am too. I recommend this to people who enjoy cooking and really to people who don't!

Okay about the nursery... definitely coming along. I bought a sheet that I love that goes with the bedding I am making but now it is discontinued so I am having trouble finding more. But I did finish the bed skirt tonight and I have to say... it is gorgeous and girly. I have decorated a couple of the shelves and found a table for the nursery. I tried to upload videos the other day but it was taking awhile and I was in a hurry so I will have to do it later. I need to finish out the closet so I can put all of her clothes in there. I'm so excited. I'll post pictures or/and video soon.

I ran into Joi the other day and she is still reading my blog (a silent reader) so a big shout out to her! Hey Joi!!!!!

I go back to work tomorrow which isn't a very big deal since it's only a little bit in the afternoon, but only three more months of work till I will be done so I can stay with Lola. Lola I love you!!! And your daddy really does too... he talks about you all the time. It's incredibly sweet.

Love The Parents-To-Be

Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm so tired...


Thursday, January 1, 2009

The greatness about the year 2009...

...the year Lola is born. The year Clay and I have expanded our family to three instead of two. The year we become parents! Clay and I are so excited to now have our own family. A real little family of three. So cute.

Lola is doing great. I don't think I mentioned my last appointment. It was easy and everything looked to be going perfect. My next appointment will be followed with appointments every two weeks now that I am in the home stretch!

I feel like I have been in a car accident though because Stace and I spent hours painting and working on the nursery and I moved and worked in ways my body isn't use to. My stomach is sore, my feet are bruised, and my back could be broken. Well, maybe not, but my exaggeration is just showing you, I am out of shape and in pain. I big thank you to Stace who spent her winter break hours helping me paint a heavily textured wall and ceiling, cleaning up the messes we made, scrubbing paint off the floors with chemicals I couldn't inhale, moving heavy furniture, and making sure she could help as much as possible while she is in town. She wanted Lola's room done just like I do. Thank you Stacy. You are an amazing friend, selfless and a joy to be around always.

ALSO I huge thank you to my mother... (I warned that this was coming). My mom has been my guiding light, my hero, and already a fabulous Nonna to Lola. She has helped me in several ways with several things. She helped Clay and I get the paint color to what we had in mind by sparing a few dollars as we went through a couple of "oops" gallons. She slaved at my house painting the built ins with an oil based paint so I didn't have to hire someone. (And I think it made her sick.) She made sure she left everything clean and did everything perfect. AND my dear mother found all my baby clothes. Lola and I will be born around the same time so all my newborn clothes fit the time of year Lola will be born as well. She spend days trying to get the stains out (they weren't stained from me, but from being in a box for 25 years) and her and God managed to get all the stains out. I officially do not need any more newborn clothes. We got over fifty outfits overnight!!! And of course they are super sentimental to me since my cute little booty wore them! Some super cute and dressy and some comfy and cool. My mom has been a lot of fun through this and now she is rethinking some things at her house. After some thought and discussion, we thought a room she has downstairs would be a perfect spot for grandkids to play. She is going to have an old toy chest of ours in there, a book shelf, and a sitting area and make it a place for the grandkids to play. We both liked that the kids weren't having to go up and down the stairs (her stairs are pretty big) and this away if they want to be near us then they can be down in that room playing. You all do remember... there will be at least 12 grandkids between the three of us. Should be 15, but (no names mentioned) some people are holding back. Not me or Kebby though. So I am excited about her having that little playroom for Lola.

Okay and the biggie, least but not last. My husband. Clay has been super, super man over the last couple of days and really stepped in to being a daddy and fabulous husband for his wife whose belly is taking over. He spent those same hours my mom did painting and cleaning and prepping and more cleaning and more painting. He painted the closet which was fabulous because I wanted it to feel clean, he painted the shelves, the doors, and then after my mom left the house and he kicked me out for the night because of the heavy odors and he surprised me and painted the walls and ceilings with the final color we choose. Tree Branch is the name and fits the description of the paint. I told him I wouldn't mind painting the walls, but I am so glad he did it because after just cutting in and rolling lightly over the walls one more time my body is in a state of shock. I couldn't have had the nursery the way it is now without all his hard work! He had to paint several things in stages so it's been drawn out over a couple of days and every day he gets back out that oil paint and does another coat and cleans the brushes back up. He is sooo sweet. He went to Lowes and picked up several things we needed. It has been fun watching him do these kind of things. I feel bad because either the paint thinner or paint has gotten him out of whack a little. He seems to be getting sick and his lips are blistered from the paint thinner. I know he is glad this part is over. I am glad he has been taking such an active role and this is so much fun. Thanks Clay for being amazing and I can't wait for us to meet our little girl.

We are growing a little collection of things for Lola thanks to our families. We got several items from Clay's family at Christmas and I can't wait to build out the closet so I can start putting everything up as we get them. Also the shelves in the room will serve as decor and storage so I need to find cute little bins and baskets that I can use to hold things. I think they make a cute wicker holder that holds DVD's or CD's that is long and skinny. I thought that would be cute on the shelf for diapers. :) The closet stills smells of paint so I didn't want to put the clothes in there quite yet. They are piled up on our rocker in the den. I love looking at them. I have video footage over the last few days so I will load it up later. It's not on the computer I am using.

Well I need to get busy with my to-do list today. I'll talk to everyone soon. I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve. Happy 2009. What a great year it will be.

Love Nat