Monday, March 28, 2011

Uh oh…


I caught Lola’s toe on the CFA door today and instantly knew it was bad because she was only wearing her socks due to some intense playground playing.  So sorry Lola.  It seemed to bleed forever (me and blood don’t mix real well) not to mention Lola’s cries were seriously going to make me cry.  I felt terrible and because she is so tough- I knew all the tears meant it hurt real bad.  She feel asleep on the way home so when I got her home and settled, I snuck some medicine on it with a band aid so hopefully when she wakes up we won’t have to tend to it and she will have mostly forgotten about it.   I don’t think it would take much to pull the toenail off.  :( We were at CFA for a little play date which has been fun and Autumn was a huge help!  The last play date we went to we were almost killed by the Forney train so maybe the 3rd time will be a charm??  At this rate, I can’t afford another bad play date. ;)

Sorry about your toe Lola and hope it heals quickly baby girl.  And this had to happen at flip flop season, huh?  Now you and Nonna have the same legs and are one toenail shy.  She’ll have to take you to get a fake one at the pedi place ;)

Happy Monday- looking forward to the rest of the week going a little better and certainly less painful!    

Thursday, March 24, 2011

021 So it’s pretty official I am addicted to and  It’s the only way I get diapers now and they have great coupons all the time!  They even gave me one to give out!  My coupon code is:  NAT.7931  You really outta’ give this site a chance if you haven’t already.  They have A LOT MORE than just soap and diapers. Practically everything!  They packaged things really well and ship it so fast.  I order on Tuesday and it arrives Thursday.  I know I sound like they have paid me to say this- HA!  I wish.  But it really is awesome!  And they let you buy gift certificates and e-mail them to friends and family!  I know this because Gram sent me one!  I used it that day!  Hope you guys enjoy these sites as much as me!  It’s nice to get diapers delivered to your front door!  Hehe… makes me feel rich, when really I am saving lots of money ordering them from and using their great discount codes!  Happy diaper shopping and more!

Ba snuck in on sibling night!

So Nick makes it over for sibling night at least once a week sometimes more and I fix a good meal.  It makes it more worth it since Lola and I typically don’t eat it, especially the meat.  Well Ba got in on the action tonight.  He just happened to show up as I was pulling the baked chicken and potatoes out of the oven.  Hmmm… didn’t take much convincing that there was enough food!  Haha- and Lola sure enjoyed some Ba time especially since after dinner he and her went tree climbing!  It made for great pictures and since I just went to my second photography class, thanks to Laura, I instantly thought to grab my camera! 




Nick and Clay joined in!  She wanted everyone in the tree with her!  Haha!  A little like Uncle Nick’s thinking- “More the merrier!”


Finally after dinner and playing all day long, we got clean and ready for bed!  Four nights running she has gone to bed by 9:30 p.m.!  Amazing, right?  Clay and I sure think so!  Hope it sticks! 

I tried parting her hair down the middle and I think I will really like it once it’s longer!  That is, if I’ll stop cutting it! 


Random picture but the other day she wanted her bathing suit on from last year and her suede boots Gram bought her.  Poor girl- wasn’t the best outfit choice!



I feel like this picture will be good blackmail or definitely a good laugh when she is 14.  The bad thing is, she wasn’t wearing a diaper and sure enough she pees everywhere including down her boots.  It was gross and she was quite upset over it.  She hates when she wets herself when not wearing a diaper which I think helps her awareness of peeing in general.  She did tee-tee in the potty two nights ago and Clay and I did the potty dance with her.  She was really excited.  We called Maw-Maw to tell her because we knew she would really praise Lola and she did.  Lola was proud.   

Okay well Lola and I are getting settled in while Nick and Clay hang out.  The long days outside in the pretty weather are making Lola and I tired! :) Amongst fitting in all the other non-fun things.  ;)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lola being Lola…

An afternoon outdoors…084




101  102



116  121








My favorites below.






After all that play we went and woke up daddy from his afternoon nap and headed out for snowcones! :) 

Gotta’ love Sunday afternoons as a family.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wonderfully crazy weekend

So Friday, Clay and I (maybe not so much Clay) decide to not delay the garage any longer and knock it out the very next morning.  A late run to CFA to make some change and I thought I was ready enough… I wasn’t in the normal garage sale prep mood.  Kebby agreed to come over super early to sleep with Lola so we didn’t have to worry about her till later in the morning.  That worked like a charm.  001Kebby arrived at 7 and jumped in our bed where Lola quickly made herself comfortable with Kebby as you can see above- that’s kebby under the covers.  I made a quick couple of signs to go with the 3 I already had and Clay put them out and I started dragging all the stuff out of the garage.  OHHH Did I mention that Clay and I were going off a couple of hours of sleep because Lola decided she would rather play all night?  Clay said there was no way he was waking up early, but we both happily did somehow.  It’s nice to have the quiet and still morning to ourselves.  Romantic in a parent kind of way. So throughout the garage sale I would price random things- it really wasn’t bad not having things priced.  Nick stopped by to add some stuff, along with Paw-Paw and my dad.  Kebby stayed till ten and then towards the end Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw came over to help with Lola as we wrapped things up.  All done by 1 p.m.  Fabulous!  A clean garage (I love garage sales bc by the end you have had enough time to clean out the garage) and a bigger wallet- not bad.  But the day didn’t end there- it was all actually just about to begin!!  Lola took a 30 minute nap (hardly napping these days) and Clay ran 10 miles.  Then we showered- packed up and….


So get this: Uncle Nick treated Clay and I to a hotel room in uptown.  Seriously.  He was thanking me for helping him out so much lately and knew Clay and I had been wanting to do something like that for awhile.  It was FABULOUS!  THANK YOU BUB!  Clay and I were exhausted but seriously so excited… Uncle Nick took Lola to mom’s and the rest is history! 

Look at the beautiful entrance of The Stoneleigh Hotel

I played around with my camera and embarrassed  Clayton taking pics!  It reminded me of our honeymoon! XOXO


Awe- I am going to frame this one!  We really need more pics of us married! And it’s about to be 4 years!


This is us in our hotel room!  It was just what we have been wanting.  It felt great to be somewhere that was so clean, offered room surface and had a bath tub free of rubber duckies and ABC letters.  (And did I mention free- thanks Bub!)  I am such a tight wad that it was really nice and much easier to enjoy it knowing it was a gift. 


Hotel pic again.  ;)


Clay is finally getting into picture taking!  I knew he would!


We walked around a lot and ate out.  It was great being able to walk everywhere!  We both really enjoyed that.  Of course I stopped here and there to take pics and play with my camera in manual setting.  This was a weird pic.  Clay looks like a ghost. 


It was a great night and great morning!  We took our time getting up and ready.  Went to Breadwinners and enjoyed a great breakfast- then went to look at patio furniture and finally got Lola.  I was ready to see her- but could have gotten a good hug in and possibly retreated back to the hotel for one more night with the hubby ;)  No offense Lola- we do really love you and you were well taken care of.  I saw the videos!  Nonna had Lola and my cousins were in town, one of them younger so Lola had a blast playing with him. 

Looks like everyone had a great weekend all around.  Now on to Monday and back to work.  Boooo…

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sun Lovin’

Lola and I sure do love the sun- in fact I think it may be the reason she keeps skipping naps… just too pretty outside to be sleeping!  Today it was sunny and warm so a quick trip to SW for some red exterior paint for our tree swing- painting, playing and popsicles!





Working on getting our backyard pretty!  Loving having all the room back there now- I’ll show before and after pictures when it’s done! (The before was actually really pretty- just didn’t leave much room to run around and play!)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Snip, snip and more

Lola got a nice little trim (I guess it was a little more than a trim) because I just seem to like it short, especially if I actually fix it- which means blow drying it… haha.  If only my hair was that quick and easy! I like it and maybe I’ll let it grow out now… who knows.

012 (2)

We took Lola to the toy store a few weekends back- and towards the end we were wondering what ever were we thinking!?!

She loved this which Nonna has been wanting to buy her since she was 9 months old so finally Lola is big enough… she loved it and we had a hard time getting her out.  We kept telling her that her birthday was coming up and she would get surprises!  She’s really excited!


I can’t wait till she gets her fun “surprises” for her birthday!  Now that our yard is Lola-ized she will have plenty of room for her toys! (Pics coming once we get green grass and leaves!) Gram and Popper are getting Lola this way adorable outside playhouse.  Lola’s going to never want to come in.  Hopefully this means this summer I can actually get and maintain a tan! Smile  Yay!  I got a little bonus at work thanks to 3 brutal weeks (haha- not really brutal) and used it to get a lay out chair! Sun- here we come!

The Bert and Ernie ride at Toys R Us- unfortunately Daddy didn’t come prepared with a roll of quarters! We will know next time- one ride isn’t enough.


Aunt Kebby has been requesting more videos!

Haha- she loves the Sesame Street Gang!  We have them all!  Right now- Ernie seems to be the favorite of the week!


I have given in and am making Lola’s party all about Lola… meaning Elmo themed! :) Using red and yellow and I think it will be pretty cute.  We decided to keep it really small so Lola could feel like it was all about her and be comfortable.  As crazy as she is- her shy side certainly comes out around a group of people especially if she doesn’t know them really well.  I think she will really enjoy her party- she understands the concept of a party, presents, and having a good time!  I got her invites on clearance at Target- and I think they are pretty cute- no Elmo though.

066 - Copy

We went together to get Elmo stuff at the Sale Place and Lola was really excited about that!  Looking forward to Lola being two… oh no, did I say that?  Terrible two’s!  Winking smile

Nonna’s Day

Happy Birthday Mom!  Another year older and you are still out energizing the energizer bunny and certainly all of us!  Hope your day is fabulous, peaceful, and your backyard turns out even more gorgeous!  Muah!

Lola’s doing a birthday dance either because she is really excited it’s your birthday or she is still confused and thinks the balloons and cupcakes were really for her!  Haha!

015       020


We love you!