Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sun Lovin’

Lola and I sure do love the sun- in fact I think it may be the reason she keeps skipping naps… just too pretty outside to be sleeping!  Today it was sunny and warm so a quick trip to SW for some red exterior paint for our tree swing- painting, playing and popsicles!





Working on getting our backyard pretty!  Loving having all the room back there now- I’ll show before and after pictures when it’s done! (The before was actually really pretty- just didn’t leave much room to run around and play!)


Nonna said...

I love these pictures! I am ready for some relaxing around the pool! Will I ever get to? I feel like I have been moving for a year!

Anonymous said...

Lola sure is growing up fast! I can't believe how big she has gotten looking at these pictures!!
Hope I get to see her soon. :)