Thursday, March 24, 2011

021 So it’s pretty official I am addicted to and  It’s the only way I get diapers now and they have great coupons all the time!  They even gave me one to give out!  My coupon code is:  NAT.7931  You really outta’ give this site a chance if you haven’t already.  They have A LOT MORE than just soap and diapers. Practically everything!  They packaged things really well and ship it so fast.  I order on Tuesday and it arrives Thursday.  I know I sound like they have paid me to say this- HA!  I wish.  But it really is awesome!  And they let you buy gift certificates and e-mail them to friends and family!  I know this because Gram sent me one!  I used it that day!  Hope you guys enjoy these sites as much as me!  It’s nice to get diapers delivered to your front door!  Hehe… makes me feel rich, when really I am saving lots of money ordering them from and using their great discount codes!  Happy diaper shopping and more!

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