Saturday, March 5, 2011

Before and Afters: my fav

I never got to really reveal this beauty I scored for hmmm… $25 maybe?  I try not to remember what I spend no matter how little or small… looked a little beat up, but it was sturdy and heavy.  I didn’t have to wonder what to do with those little shelves.  If I had room in my kitchen it would have cozied it’s way in there holding on to my little baking , but I have a tiny kitchen.  So runner up: my new craft room/Kebby’s room.  I kind of want 3 more of these for every room in the house, but I guess that’s what’s special about a piece you love. 







So I was going to be crazy and bold and paint it some odd, look-at-me-but-don’t color, but then came to my sense… I used some Kilz on this bad boy after washing it down with a little bleach.  Then painted it a nice white, added a cheap rod, and used a skirt I had on my old desk to hide all but one little shelf…. and this is why the skirt is needed (but cute so who cares why I need it, right?)

016(Here is just one of my old desks- and here’s the skirt… oh by the way- all this fabric was free because the crazy lady at Joann’s forget to scan my yellow slip… sad {for them, not me}{still not feeling convicted over that})

That desk, minus the skirt is in the garage sale stack outside unless my bro wants it…


061The unorganized junk- not like me, but one day when Lola sleeps a long, happy nap I will get to that… oh wait, maybe not.

In the kicthen, it could have held baking pans of all sizes, containers, sprinkles, cupcake liners, etc…

In a baby’s room it would be awesome for shoes, diapers, books, etc…

And in a bathroom it would be cute holding towels, soaps, jewelrys (think of all the mirrors that would look good over it!)

And in our den, it would be great to hold all of Lola’s puzzles, coloring books, toys, etc… all behind a pretty little curtain. 

So back to speaking of desks, I went from that one above, to this hand me down from mom… it was in Clay’s office which he hated- but his office is such an awkward space it’s just really hard to get a desk to fit at all (can’t be normal depth)

016 (2)

Sidenote: Our dream desk for Clay’s office…amazing dimensions and so cool that it is clear since Clay’s playroom is so small.  What are the odds I could find  this beauty by CB2 on craigslist??  Love this look mixed with my look!  And aren’t these staple pieces?  I’m going with a affirmative on that.

Back to the hand-me down desk: It’s wicker which I really like, but not on this desk- for instance I love the wicker box next to the desk.  But the desk had great drawers and a glass top.  Fabulous for sewing.  I had it sold on craigslist for $85 yet then mother called (haha- mom- I referred to you as “mother”)  and said I could not sell it- that desk was her’s.  Oops.  I thought it fell under the 3 year rule (once I had something for 3+ years it became mine).  My bad. 

I actually was using that money to replace it- so good thing I found myself a bargain!  I decided Clay wouldn’t drive far to pick me up a desk so I typed “desk (my city)” in Craigslist to see what popped up near by thinking it was a long shot to find something I liked (with a modern, old school twist) and that was cheap.  And then the gates of Heaven opened up and God spoke to me and said “I love your eclectic style, go with it.  And here’s a desk my dear.” And Clay got it the next day a few streets over from our house for a whooping $35.   Ha- a steal!  And Robert and my bro has both made offers on it.  But I just can’t part with it.  It’s perfect.


Love the handles and straight edges


Good Legs


Nice drawers


So to sum this all up:

Before and After:



Before and After:



Rest of the room as a whole coming soon!


Anonymous said...

So enjoyed looking at all of this!! You are a busy bee! It all is really really pretty!! Lola, when you read this one day ~ remember your mom said it is all right to take something if it is their mistake - so just sneak on out of the store. The lady probably got fired because of the 'video survelliance'! Just kiddin' around with you. I have done the same thing but hope never to do it again!! Love, Meme'

MOTHER said...

Man I will be watching the 3 year rule! Nick is beating you to the Sunnyvale house!!!! :)