Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ba snuck in on sibling night!

So Nick makes it over for sibling night at least once a week sometimes more and I fix a good meal.  It makes it more worth it since Lola and I typically don’t eat it, especially the meat.  Well Ba got in on the action tonight.  He just happened to show up as I was pulling the baked chicken and potatoes out of the oven.  Hmmm… didn’t take much convincing that there was enough food!  Haha- and Lola sure enjoyed some Ba time especially since after dinner he and her went tree climbing!  It made for great pictures and since I just went to my second photography class, thanks to Laura, I instantly thought to grab my camera! 




Nick and Clay joined in!  She wanted everyone in the tree with her!  Haha!  A little like Uncle Nick’s thinking- “More the merrier!”


Finally after dinner and playing all day long, we got clean and ready for bed!  Four nights running she has gone to bed by 9:30 p.m.!  Amazing, right?  Clay and I sure think so!  Hope it sticks! 

I tried parting her hair down the middle and I think I will really like it once it’s longer!  That is, if I’ll stop cutting it! 


Random picture but the other day she wanted her bathing suit on from last year and her suede boots Gram bought her.  Poor girl- wasn’t the best outfit choice!



I feel like this picture will be good blackmail or definitely a good laugh when she is 14.  The bad thing is, she wasn’t wearing a diaper and sure enough she pees everywhere including down her boots.  It was gross and she was quite upset over it.  She hates when she wets herself when not wearing a diaper which I think helps her awareness of peeing in general.  She did tee-tee in the potty two nights ago and Clay and I did the potty dance with her.  She was really excited.  We called Maw-Maw to tell her because we knew she would really praise Lola and she did.  Lola was proud.   

Okay well Lola and I are getting settled in while Nick and Clay hang out.  The long days outside in the pretty weather are making Lola and I tired! :) Amongst fitting in all the other non-fun things.  ;)

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Nonna said...

Love these sweet pictures! Love the family in the tree :) A little T-T never hurt any good cowgirl boots! Love your blogging JoJo!