Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wonderfully crazy weekend

So Friday, Clay and I (maybe not so much Clay) decide to not delay the garage any longer and knock it out the very next morning.  A late run to CFA to make some change and I thought I was ready enough… I wasn’t in the normal garage sale prep mood.  Kebby agreed to come over super early to sleep with Lola so we didn’t have to worry about her till later in the morning.  That worked like a charm.  001Kebby arrived at 7 and jumped in our bed where Lola quickly made herself comfortable with Kebby as you can see above- that’s kebby under the covers.  I made a quick couple of signs to go with the 3 I already had and Clay put them out and I started dragging all the stuff out of the garage.  OHHH Did I mention that Clay and I were going off a couple of hours of sleep because Lola decided she would rather play all night?  Clay said there was no way he was waking up early, but we both happily did somehow.  It’s nice to have the quiet and still morning to ourselves.  Romantic in a parent kind of way. So throughout the garage sale I would price random things- it really wasn’t bad not having things priced.  Nick stopped by to add some stuff, along with Paw-Paw and my dad.  Kebby stayed till ten and then towards the end Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw came over to help with Lola as we wrapped things up.  All done by 1 p.m.  Fabulous!  A clean garage (I love garage sales bc by the end you have had enough time to clean out the garage) and a bigger wallet- not bad.  But the day didn’t end there- it was all actually just about to begin!!  Lola took a 30 minute nap (hardly napping these days) and Clay ran 10 miles.  Then we showered- packed up and….


So get this: Uncle Nick treated Clay and I to a hotel room in uptown.  Seriously.  He was thanking me for helping him out so much lately and knew Clay and I had been wanting to do something like that for awhile.  It was FABULOUS!  THANK YOU BUB!  Clay and I were exhausted but seriously so excited… Uncle Nick took Lola to mom’s and the rest is history! 

Look at the beautiful entrance of The Stoneleigh Hotel

I played around with my camera and embarrassed  Clayton taking pics!  It reminded me of our honeymoon! XOXO


Awe- I am going to frame this one!  We really need more pics of us married! And it’s about to be 4 years!


This is us in our hotel room!  It was just what we have been wanting.  It felt great to be somewhere that was so clean, offered room surface and had a bath tub free of rubber duckies and ABC letters.  (And did I mention free- thanks Bub!)  I am such a tight wad that it was really nice and much easier to enjoy it knowing it was a gift. 


Hotel pic again.  ;)


Clay is finally getting into picture taking!  I knew he would!


We walked around a lot and ate out.  It was great being able to walk everywhere!  We both really enjoyed that.  Of course I stopped here and there to take pics and play with my camera in manual setting.  This was a weird pic.  Clay looks like a ghost. 


It was a great night and great morning!  We took our time getting up and ready.  Went to Breadwinners and enjoyed a great breakfast- then went to look at patio furniture and finally got Lola.  I was ready to see her- but could have gotten a good hug in and possibly retreated back to the hotel for one more night with the hubby ;)  No offense Lola- we do really love you and you were well taken care of.  I saw the videos!  Nonna had Lola and my cousins were in town, one of them younger so Lola had a blast playing with him. 

Looks like everyone had a great weekend all around.  Now on to Monday and back to work.  Boooo…

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of Lola playing. :)
What a great brother you have to treat you all to such a grand time!! So happy you had the time away!!
Enjoy knowing all you are doing. We will stay tuned for more!
Love you, Meme'