Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Snip, snip and more

Lola got a nice little trim (I guess it was a little more than a trim) because I just seem to like it short, especially if I actually fix it- which means blow drying it… haha.  If only my hair was that quick and easy! I like it and maybe I’ll let it grow out now… who knows.

012 (2)

We took Lola to the toy store a few weekends back- and towards the end we were wondering what ever were we thinking!?!

She loved this which Nonna has been wanting to buy her since she was 9 months old so finally Lola is big enough… she loved it and we had a hard time getting her out.  We kept telling her that her birthday was coming up and she would get surprises!  She’s really excited!


I can’t wait till she gets her fun “surprises” for her birthday!  Now that our yard is Lola-ized she will have plenty of room for her toys! (Pics coming once we get green grass and leaves!) Gram and Popper are getting Lola this way adorable outside playhouse.  Lola’s going to never want to come in.  Hopefully this means this summer I can actually get and maintain a tan! Smile  Yay!  I got a little bonus at work thanks to 3 brutal weeks (haha- not really brutal) and used it to get a lay out chair! Sun- here we come!

The Bert and Ernie ride at Toys R Us- unfortunately Daddy didn’t come prepared with a roll of quarters! We will know next time- one ride isn’t enough.


Aunt Kebby has been requesting more videos!

Haha- she loves the Sesame Street Gang!  We have them all!  Right now- Ernie seems to be the favorite of the week!


I have given in and am making Lola’s party all about Lola… meaning Elmo themed! :) Using red and yellow and I think it will be pretty cute.  We decided to keep it really small so Lola could feel like it was all about her and be comfortable.  As crazy as she is- her shy side certainly comes out around a group of people especially if she doesn’t know them really well.  I think she will really enjoy her party- she understands the concept of a party, presents, and having a good time!  I got her invites on clearance at Target- and I think they are pretty cute- no Elmo though.

066 - Copy

We went together to get Elmo stuff at the Sale Place and Lola was really excited about that!  Looking forward to Lola being two… oh no, did I say that?  Terrible two’s!  Winking smile

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful haircut - Lola is so precious!! It almost makes me cry looking at her. What a wonderful mother you are to her!!! Maybe I will get to be there on her BD! I know Nonna's heart is full looking at your smiling faces saying Happy Birthday!! Love you all! Meme'