Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Contagious Lou (Thanks Nonna!!)

Well apparently Lola’s bug she had on Sunday was contagious because I woke up yesterday at 5 a.m. SICK!  When I woke up again later that morning I was so sick and knew I had what Lola had.  I was hanging over the toilet throwing up and Lola was holding on to the toilet too watching me!  It was kind of cute, because she seemed so concerned, but I obviously knew this wasn’t going to work all day, so Nonna came to the rescue.  THANKS!!!! She came and got her and let her run all her errands with her and even took her to work! Then they had spa day at Nonna’s!  I heard even Kebby joined in and neither one of them could stand to take her out of the bath tab because she would just scream.  I understand Lola, because I love Nonna’s bath tub too!  I know Lola had a blast and when Clay went to pick her up, he said she wasn’t very happy to see him.  I told him she does the same with me, not to take it personally!  Last time we left Nonna’s she cried and cried and did everything she could to get down and crawl back through Nonna’s door.  Well it was nice to not worry about her because I thought I was dying!  My back and legs hurt so bad not to mention the upset stomach!  Feel much better today! Thank goodness.   

Last night was the Lost premiere.  It was fabulous and my husband couldn’t have been more excited!  I don’t know what he will do when it’s over!  This is the last season and last night didn’t disappoint!  Clay woke up and immediately starting talking about theories from last night show!  That silly boy!  He was trying so hard to get Lola to bed early and she just wasn’t having it!  LOL- she didn’t want to miss Lost!!!  Finally around 9 we let her cry (only 10 minutes!) and she was asleep and on came Lost!


Okay well I am going to try and work while Lola is napping! :)


nonna said...

Glad you are feeling better JoJo! Lola ...I saved you sugar cookies so when you feel better you can have them...YEA!!!!

Ginni said...

aww I hate throw up sick, it always makes me cry when I throw up. I hope you and Lola are feeling better!