Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Valentine…


Happy Valentine’s Day!  *click to enlarge

Luann - February 12, 1996

To be honest, I am not a huge Valentine’s Day girl, yet I do enjoy that it makes me slow down and put extra focus on my Valentine, Clay.  Now that I live in mommy mode, it’s nice to have things that help me switch over to wife mode.  For those who are moms of young ones, hopefully I am getting an “Amen” from ya!  And just as a busy bee wife sometimes I am just in me mode.  But don’t let me header fool ya: Clay is my Valentine and I am his… and Lola is proof of that… did I go too far? lol

Things I love about Clay this Valentine’s Day:

  • His ability to go with way less sleep than me!  I knew I would love this someday and the day came when we had a baby!
  • I love that he doesn’t get mad easily, doesn’t stay mad, and doesn’t keep a “file cabinet” as my mother says!
  • I admire his drive to work-out and care about what he eats, although we are both suckers for sweets!  (See a few post below!)
  • I love that after 2.5 years of marriage (training), he always puts the toilet seat down! 
  • I think it’s cool to see how fast he has adjusted to becoming a husband, then father.  He is doing a great job.  I need to tell him this more often.  You are doing a great job Clayton! 081
  • His passion for records  is pretty attractive and I think it’s such a cute hobby of his that I get to benefit from too by always having great music to listen to!   (And for Valentine’s Day- he got some good records from me!)

This picture is us 5 years ago!  It seems so crazy that it’s already been 5 years!  Seriously??  I remember this day perfectly- we spend the entire day painting my new apartment!


Love you Clayton! Thanks for being my sweetheart for 5 years now!  I look forward to 50 more Valentine’s Days with you, even though we both agree it isn’t our favorite holiday!  :)

Just thought I would add our engagement story: It was just a few days before Christmas and I so wanted to be engaged before Christmas, but I realized since we were going to look at rings it wasn’t going to happen.  We looked at all these stores and I never found anything I really liked and got really sad.  So he said we could look one more time the next day.  He said to be ready around noon and he would bring over Chinese food so we could eat before hand.  We ate Chinese often! So he came over and I was captivated by a gang special on TV while we ate.  Then when we were done, he threw me my fortune cookie, which I always loved my fortune cookie, in fact- most of the time I ate it before the meal!  Well I threw it back at him and told him he could have it.  Well, he wasn’t happy and the more he tried to get me to eat it, the more irritable he got!  So he finally opened it, read it, and threw it away saying “It was a really good fortune!”  I told him, “If it is so good, read it to me!”  I was at the kitchen at this getting a fortune cookie out of the pantry because I changed my mind.  I must have been in a odd, little mood this day and certainly not expecting anything! So finally to put him in a good mood I went to the trash and read the fortune: “You should say yes.”  Then I looked up and Clay was down on one knee with the prettiest ring I had ever seen!  I looked around as if I was on Candid Camera and was so shocked I was speechless.  I finally said YES and we both got our composure and then laughed about how it all went down.  He was so mad at me, he said he almost didn’t propose and was going to wait!  Lol- I still have my fortune cookie! :) Such a Clay and Natalie story…

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