Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Poor Lola…

I am so glad I don’t have to “teeth.”  Lola has been so up and down the last several days thanks to THREE teeth all trying to break their way through at the exact same time.  This morning she came up to me crying and holding her mouth saying “teet, teet.”  I felt so bad for her.  The other day she threw up in Wal-mart so we came home to get in the tub and brush her “teet” really good and while she was in the tub bathing- guess what!  Diarrhea.  Oh man.  Gross doesn’t cut it.  So she sat on a towel crying while I bleached the tub so we could start all over again. 

Her naps are longer too, which is great, but I feel bad because I think she is sleeping off some of the pain.  Today she has been crying in her sleep.  Bless her heart.  How many teeth do babies get anyways?? I’ll have to Google it because surely these 3 will mark the end…  

Well I have been working on some fun alphabet letters made from fabric and they just finished up drying.  I don’t think they came out as planned but hopefully they are still cute and it just gives me another reason to sew some more.  :)

Hope you guys are enjoying the rainy, cool weather.  It is so wonderful and just makes me so impatient for Fall!!!

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~Laura~ said...

Ok, from the previous 10 posts (ok.. not that many) CUTE pics! Finally some updating :)
Curtains look great!
Kebby's apt is super cute- love the yellow chair!
Poor Lola and those stinkin teeth :(
Hopefully they'll fully push through soon and leave her alone, no fun.
Love ya! :) (haha)