Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey, Hello, Hola, What's up!!!

I'm back.  :)  I've totally sucked at blogging.  Seriously been terrible.  Still blaming Oliver but.... great news.... he's doing fabulous!  Still spits up like 300 ounces a day (maybe not that much) (and I use the measuring weird ounces now bc I am clearly bottle feeding a baby) but he's happy and really likes the new found schedule which oddly enough was created when we dared took a lake house visit for the fourth.  Lola loved it, like really loved it, but funny enough she knew she had been there before but kept telling me "Mom, that was such a long time ago.  I not remember that." Oliver started waking up by 8 am there, which sucked for me- but he was so happy and stayed happy all day.  I've stuck to a stricter schedule centered around him and it's worked fabulously.  I like to go when I want and am the queen of last minute plans right now so it kind of stinks, but to have a happy baby and predictable baby means we will do ANYTHING! Including setting my alarm every single day for 8 a.m. if he doesn't wake me up first.  Early rising (I know that's not that early, but it feels so early y'all...) means early bedtime.  Both kids go down to sleep at 8 p.m.  (Smiles!)

Oliver still is seeing the chiropractor and I go back and forth but I certainly think it isn't hurting him and he seems to toot (fart?) better and sleep better after seeing him.  Oliver also isn't looking up very well which I think has something to with his laid-back spirit and the traumatic delivery of coming out with his head to far tilted back and too fast... so the Chiropractor is working on his neck.  Now let me remind you this is free.  No harm done.

Also, we bought a swing for Oliver because it seemed to work way better than ours which sucked bc we had one and this one was $130- wellllll.... as the reflux has worsened and he has gotten older he likes to sit literally straight up... that swing we bought didn't do that but lo' and behold our old one that fortunately I hadn't sold yet, does! So we took the other back after a month or so... is that ghetto?  It was super clean and had a 90 day return policy.  You do what you gotta' do when your kid is on Nutramigen.  Haha... and speaking of that formula, GI Doctor said at 4 months we can try a new, less expensive formula and see how he does... and by the way he is getting 5-6 ounces of water, 3 scoops of formula and two and a half scoops of oatmeal cereal in his bottles.  He's 14 pounds.  The oatmeal is to help the reflux which is does help, but isn't a cure all like the doctor hoped for.  He's on Zantac 3 times a day (1ml each) and that works better than the Prevacid for him, which I think most people have the opposite experience.  As soon as the pooping is less and the heat isn't so hot, I am switching to cloth diapers full time.  I like them but it's impossible with the heat, where our laundry is located (gnats come in to the laundry room if there are poopy diapers) and all the pooping he does... some days he can have 6 poopy diapers with little to no effort but the oatmeal is helping that out.

So- I felt like I documented Lola so well as a baby, but really don't know what to say about Oliver.  He's really, really laid-back which I love but am getting use to... I prayed he would be oddly enough.  He's chill, likes to sit up, has to be burped often, spits up after a bottle, during a bottle, and still spits up when it's time for his next bottle.  His head is still a little jerky and he seems far from being able to eat off a spoon.  He does a funny little dance where he locks his arms down, has fist hands, and kicks his legs.  I love it.  He smiles often, especially at me.  No lie.  He loves me.  And he has 4 dimples that everyone comments on.  They are so cute.  He seems to be captivated by Lola most of the time and only cries ever so often when she gets a little too lovey.  His hair is falling out at a rapid pace right now which is sad but the new hair growing in looks pretty blonde which is great.  Still has some baby acne.  Probably goes through 10 outfits a day, 10 burp cloths, a couple pair of blankets, and way too many diapers ... we just stick to loose fitting shirts and maybe a pair of cotton pants. He does eat every 3 hours except at night.  Sleeps from 8 p.m. to 7:30 ish a.m. with only one feeding during that time typically. This schedule is newer but seems to have stuck.

Random- his poops smell worse than Lola's and hers stunk real bad.  Oliver's are even worse.

Trying to think if he's doing anything.  He chews on his hands a lot.  He occasionally notices he's feet and sometimes successfully grabs a big toe.  He's just not over interested in scooting, grabbing, or giggling yet.  It takes some getting use to thanks to Lola being the complete opposite as a baby and now, but it's a nice change.  They may compliment each other well.

Okay just dumped my pics from my phone onto computer- so will upload in a new post....

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