Saturday, July 21, 2012

My babies.

I really thought I remembered what that flooding feeling of love felt like when you have a new baby- but I forgot how big that love is.  It's sometimes exhausting actually.  But it's the best feeling in the whole wide world.

I laugh when I see Oliver do something or don't do something and check back in 2009 to see what Lola was up to at his age and her post are so detailed and I posted so often each month... um, I've been terrible this time around.  I don't even know what to post about!  Is it because he is the second or because I am actually really tired this time around? Haha- all my energy goes to them, Clay and the house.

So here's my attempt to update so when number 3 come along I can keep up!  He is a week shy from being 4 months old.  I can't believe that.  We really are figuring each other out better but he still seems to have a few kinks, one being that darn reflux.  I hate it and he really seems to as well, especially at night.  I think that is mostly reflux and a tiny bit of colic left?  Doctor told me to look forward to 6 months being a big marker rather than 4 months, but anyhow he is way better, especially during the day.

His sleeping.  Oh boy.  Well with the colic we put all sleeping guidelines out the window and did what we had to do to get the boy asleep.  Now that we feel like we can start sleep training, so to speak,  bouncing seems to be the only way to get him down.  I have been slowly working on the crib, and even rocking or doing something else besides extreme bouncing. But he only responds to the bounce.  I know sleep aids are great idea, but something would be better than bouncing.  His naps are short during the day and his longer nap in the afternoon requires some bouncing to keep him asleep.  Today we actually napped together since I was running on fumes and he slept for 2.5 hours but because we were snuggled.  At least, unlike Lola had, he has an older sibling and at some point if he is just a snuggler in bed- he and Lola can sleep together.  I wouldn't do that now of course, but was wondering what age you can start that?? Lola can't wait! Haha

I gave Oliver a little bit of applesauce the other day.  Just to see what his reaction was.  Not too bad.  Can't wait to start him on foods to help with the reflux.

Lola has enjoyed Oliver so much, it's almost unbelievable.  And she doesn't even know how fun it's all about to really get as he learns to crawl, walk, eat more foods, laugh and say little words... she will just love it.  Every time he wakes from being asleep, Lola runs to him as if she hasn't seem him all week.  I adore her love for him.  She made him laugh repeatedly the other day.  I only have heard him do it once- and so I think this goes down as the first giggles! July 20th.  I have video of it, but missed the best parts.  Boo.  Hey- it's just impressive I have video of it!

Oliver does seem pretty laid back, but is becoming more interested in toys and people which makes things so much more fun.  He is getting so much better with tummy time- hooray! Several of his babyGap clothes are 6-12 months and fit perfect.  I think he's a big boy.  Not sure how much he weighs and doubting I take him to the 4 month well child visit- I'll wait till 6 months maybe.  I just want his weight.  I need a baby scale... Lola and I measure his height sometimes! :)

Lola has princess camp coming up and I can't wait to see how she likes it!  So glad she is getting to do something that caters directly to all her interest- pretend play, arts and crafts, dance, singing, and princesses!  So fun being a GIRL!  She wants a sister and I really want her to have one... do I sound insane to bring this up right now?  Clay would say yes. Haha- but we got out of baby mode with Lola and jumping back into it has been different the second time around- so maybe we should just stay in baby mode for awhile and then I can try to enjoy laying out and pool time again in my mid 30's.  Hehehe...

Picture time:

Lola enjoying some sparklers at the lake!

 Lola can't help herself but to jump in pictures with Oliver and this was in a little bazaar but humorous to me.  The look so serious and unlike themselves. 

 She looks at him all the time likes this. No one will adore him like his sis does. 

Happy 3 Months (this picture was taken, um, a couple weeks late.)

 Outside photo shoot for a minute!  So glad I did this before leaving to run errands-

Ginni is having a baby boy in a few weeks and I am so excited!  Lauren, my mom and I threw her a shower today and had lots of fun... I made her this little boy quilt! Felt great to sew that much since Oliver has been born and plan on making Oliver a twin size quilt similar to this one and Clay one as well.  He's been begging. 

It poured the other day.  And as always Lola can't wait to play out in the rain, but every time she gets out there in her boots and raincoat she just isn't so sure anymore.  I think it's just because she needs a playmate... won't be long Lola and Oliver will be chasing you around! 

Lola seriously looks just like Kebby here. 

 Oliver swinging while Lola swims! 

My sweet and happy girl.  None like her!

 Laundry from a 2-3 hour span- Oliver can really spit some bottle up.  

 Okay well I would like to proof read this, add more details and all that- but going to bed... it's the smarter thing to do, right?


Casey & Lauren Coats said...

1. I'm impressed with you for going to bed before midnight!
2. I have a "baby scale" if you want to weigh Ollie. It's actually an old vegetable scale but for like 40 weeks I weighed Sawyer on it on her weekly birthday! Haha! It's Casey's grandparent's…we're supposed to give it back eventually, but we'll probably keep it until we're done having babies to weigh ;)

Linda Kirby Coles said...

Love, love, love your blog! I need to visit more often. They always put me in a good mood for some reason. You write well. :)
Oliver and Lola are precious like their Mom and Dad. What wonderful parents you are. You've done a great job dealing with the tummy issues...that is so very hard and exasperating for all. This reflux thing...did they tell you to let him sleep with his head on a pillow to raise his chest a bit? I know adults do this to help them as well as meds. And the picture, detail concern is one we all can identify with...not to mention you are busier, older, and yes tired. I think you've covered him better than most of us would have. I feel like I know your children. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Natalie, love your updates, kids are precious!
Getting my head up just a bit really does help reflux, but you probably have your mattress tilted. Big hug and kisses to Oliver and Lola! So happy my sisters can peek into your lives. I love you, meme'