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I think I am a baby addict.  I love my babies.  I like all babies, but I really really like my own.  {Of course.}  There's something so magnificent about creating a child, birthing a baby, and then raising it.  Oliver has had his fair share of kinks to work out- but goodness gracious I love him.  And you know who loves him more?  Clay?  No.  Lola.  YES!  She adores every single ounce of him.  And you know what?  That makes me love her even more.  It's a never-ending love battle of how much can I love these kiddos!  Probably too much.  Poor kiddos are going to have to deal with me in their teens. I 'll be so embarrassing.  Can't wait actually.  They have embarrassed me plenty too {already}. Lola pooping at the nicest hotel I have ever been at and had to use their nice white tablecloth to wrap us both up to conceal the poop from our head to our toes and Oliver crying so hard and long that it was impossible to hear a word the doctor had to say or anyone else for that matter making me feel like the world's worst mother.  All the pity stares were appreciated both days.

Anyways- Lola had dance camp this week and talk about cute?  DARN CUTE.  I almost cried seeing her in a little ballet outfit because she looked so big yet still so small.  Does that make sense to other moms out there?  And when I picked her up each day instead of telling me all about her morning, she asked all about Oliver's morning then proceeded to tell me about hers.  I was feeling a little sad for her that she didn't get a little sister (yet) like she wanted, but I am beginning to think God knew what he was doing after all (okay, maybe I trusted that all along hence not needing to know the sex) because she sure does love him and he sure does seem to be into her as well.  Maybe she needed a brother instead first. She still reminds me we are having a girl, but doesn't deny her brother any big sister love.  It's the sweetest thing I have ever experienced.  Back to camp- her teacher told me how sweet Lola was about everything and anything, even when she corrected her and how she was just the most excited little girl and she had fallen in love with her.  Always good to hear someone else say something good about your child.  I still am shocked, for whatever reason, that my prayers for her to be a naturally happy person, were so answered.  Not kind of.  I mean she is so happy, all the time.  Meltdowns are rare and when they happen we know immediately she's too tired or feels real lousy.  They just are super duper rare.  Praises for that, huh?  OH! We did have one the other day...

Lola and I were going to grab some quick lunch while running errands and Clay had Oliver.  So we decided together we could try something new, so Lola and I choose Taco Bell.  She's never had it.  We go in and order and she starts second guessing not just going to Arby's.  I reassure her everything is cool.  We sit down with our food, plenty of people dining in, and I start getting her cheese dip ready and look up at her and think "Oh shit!" Within half a second she goes into this insane meltdown and what no one else could probably understand, she is saying "We should have gone to Arby's!" through these huge tears and total ugly cry.  I felt really bad for her but it was just plain embarrassing.  Went to counter and asked for a bag, loaded our food up, grabbed her hand and walked outside with her.  Buckled her crying booty in and got in the car to start the a/c and then turned around and said "What in the world was that about?"  To be honest, I understood every anxiety and tear before even asking her.  I am the same way.  Picky, picky, picky.  Trying new foods to me, even as an adult, makes me feel real similar.  It's so mental, it's crazy and I think there is probably a name for it.  I couldn't get on to her.  We talked about it and that having anxiety over something new was totally cool, but we needed to find other ways to express it than having ugly cries in the middle of Taco Bell.  She did come home and ate 4-5 bites of a soft taco before throwing up on the final bite.  Better than never trying it.  I'll take it!

So Oliver is trying so hard to roll over.  Every time I lay him on his back he immediately rolls to his side and grunts and pulls trying to roll over.  He's very persistent in his efforts.  I like this.  I think he'll get this from me.  And he is now eating applesauce!  He loves him some applesauce but still working out the spoon concept.  I think I have snapped a picture or two. Clay is in charge of feeding him solids.  I guess I don't have to explain that hence the story above.  He is now starting prevacid (compounded) along with the Zantac and also bethanancol. (sp?)  I am already feeling like the prevacid isn't working but making things worse like before, but I'll give it a week or so.  Haven't started the compounded bethanacol yet, but hoping it helps.  His reflux is so bad right now, but probably three reasons why: 1) He's two days shy of 4 months and 4 months is when reflux peaks 2) switched formula 5 days ago hoping we can get by with a cheaper formula but still sensitive one which probably reeked havoc on his system 3) teething- glad he's getting teeth early but not sure he's liking it too much.  Tylenol is our best friend.  Can't wait for reflux to be a thing of the past...

So he's eating 4-5 ounces of formula and still waking up during the night.  Sometimes he sleeps 11-12 hours with only waking once for a quick bite to eat, but other nights he sleeps way less, waking way more often.  Not always sure what you'll get, but Clay is helping out more and it helps so much.  Makes a huge difference in my energy, mood, and outlook.  It's helped them bond as well.

Shopping at Target.  This made everyone much happier.  Cute or crazy? 

Sweet boy in his babyGap.

My hair is getting long!!  I have gone almost 4.5 months with no color or cut and plan to only get it trimmed soon.  Skipping out on color for awhile.

Sweet Lola & Oliver.  Picture to right is Lola at 4 months. Wish Oliver would sit soon so we can ride in buggies easier and so he can move to the Britax carseat that doesn't snap in and out.  Hate those things.
I normally don't think they look alike but I can see some resemblance here.  Lola's hair was so cute and Oliver's has fallen out.

Lola and Momma time! :)

Snuggle bear.

Lola said she looked like a 'real mom' in this dress whatever that means but by the tone in her voice she wasn't thrilled. This is from the little girls section. She's growing all too fast.

 Speaking of growing too fast.  My ballerina is just beautiful despite a lack of grace.  Hehehe...

Sibling time for me!

I remember being disappointed when Lola fell in love with Elmo somehow.  Now we all have fallen in love with Sesame Street and so glad Oliver is already drawn to Elmo too.  

Not for sure what we are looking at but just going with it.... (Lola was swimming!)

More ballerina shots.  Can you get enough? I can't.

You'll never find this many pictures of Lola asleep in her crib.  Haha... He's got her whooped. 

Lola wanted her hair like mine... not our best dos.

Pretty boy.  Can you see the blonde?  He's got more hair than it appears bc so much is blonde.

Morning time in his chevron jammies.  He is so great in the mornings.                                                 Lola just can't wait to see him in the mornings. 

Applesauce!  He needs to sit up a tad better but doesn't stop him from eating almost the whole cup.

Can't get enough of these crib shots.  Seems crazy to me.

Me.  So cute.  I think Oliver will look like me!  Our baby pictures look real similar! 

Practice, practice, practice!

 Sleeping on the floor.

Chillin' on his side- taking a break from trying to roll over.

Lola at dance camp.

Love this picture of Oliver drooling over CFA.

Fairy cupcakes Lola and I made while Clay was out of town. 

Chillin' at home.

Friday mornings cartoons.


So proud of her costume.  It's the small things like felt and scissors. 

She LOVED the cow!

Miss. Olivia and Mr. Oliver (Isn't she too cute!)

Tried a new hair tool to create a wave.  Liking it.

Prettiest swimmer I know.

Lola said "Momma, does this impressive you?" :) Make me laugh and love you more child.  Everything she does impressives me. Hehehe...

Smiling outside.

Boxes equals hours of fun. No kidding.

Slip-n-slides are dangerous.  Despite the picture, Lola wasn't digging it.  We changed the rules up some and made it a princess runway.

My little comic man.

Morning time with the kiddos.  Love it.  Love when we have no morning agenda and we all just eat breakfast, love on each other, watch some cartoons and clean.  Perfect morning.

One of my favorite verses in my 20's.

Was trying to work and got distracted by this happy face.  How could I get any work done in that moment?  So thankful for my job. 

Oliver staring at me before drifting off to sleep... love it.

Lola asleep with crazy hair.  How does it get so wild so fast?

Now 4 months! Each month is flying by... 

Babies in white.  Angelic.

Both kids fell asleep in car and slept almost three hours.  This was at noon.  What happened to them?  Super rare for Lola and kind of Oliver.  Glad they decided to be nice to me.

She looks so old here.  Gives me a glimpse of her in a couple more years. 

Bath time. Lola loves taking baths with him and it works well.  Can't wait till he is sitting up!!

Tummy time on my bed.

Okay so another picture overload.  I do this each time I transfer my iPhone pics over to my computer.  It's my main camera these days which I am hoping to start using my nicer one more again.  A fall goal of mine.  It's too hot to have any goals right now ;) 

My next post needs to include some house pictures because I like to show what the house looks like with each baby.  I always want to see my moms house pictures!  And I have changed some things... no surprise, huh? :)  P.S. My craft room is still my favorite room.  I love having it and it's busting at the seams... no pun intended.  Need cool organization storage and advice to better use what I have stocked away.  I am definitely a sewing/crafting hoarder.  

Okay happy Olympics... going to go to bed watch them with Clay.  Nighty night.

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