Monday, June 4, 2012

Ollie and Lo

I just posted a post, but really that was written awhile back ago and just changed a few things to make it a tad more up-to-date!

I hate to post today because Oliver has been so great, in fact the best he has been since he was born.  And so if I brag and brag and say he is finally doing much better- I could be leading myself on if tonight or tomorrow goes to hell.  Haha- really hoping the formula has helped tremendously and this improvement is here to stay.  Also, according to his pediatrician, we have been through the worst of it and should start seeing improvement now- sounds like he is right.  Funny, because he is two months old, but I haven't gotten his well child visit in or shots and with Lola I am pretty sure I went the day she turned two months.  I hated to load him up with the vaccinations if he seems to be doing better.  He weighs over 12 pounds now and is 23.5 inches long last we measured.  He baby talks some (not like Lola did) and does give lots of smiles.  He looks at me from a longer distant now too. He loves his mobile, the bath, and his bouncy seat now that Nonna and I "fixed" it.  We added an extra vibrating device to it and a sound machine... works great for his cranky self and just to let him nap better in. Funny story about that later.

On a non-Ollie note, and moving on to Lola... she is capturing my heart all over again.  She is so darn funny, kind-hearted and independent. Her personality is better than ever and I am enjoying her a lot.  At home she is learning to play better by herself and I am learning how to break up the day some where it isn't so much all the time. And something she is totally into right now is watching videos of herself I have loaded to YouTube.  I need to load all of them so she can watch them.  It entertains her for a long time and even I get caught up in watching them over and over again.  I forgot what that 1 year old stage looked like.  Adorable.  Looking forward to watching Oliver go from baby to toddler.  I keep thinking he will be a late bloomer so we will see.  Maybe not though since his sister will be his teacher. :)

Going to post pictures and videos as soon as they load....

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