Friday, August 21, 2009

Change in direction?

Well it turns out insurance will cost the same 20% for either company now, so I have a choice to make.  To be honest, Star Cranial does have more technology but I am more impressed with the Cranial Tech before and after pictures and the way their bands are made.   I think I am being a pain for the nurse practitioner at Children's but I feel like if she would have explained what was going on in the first place, I wouldn't have been so wishy washy... lol... yes, wishy washy.

I looked up the locations for both companies one being in Dallas and the other in Addison.  There wasn't a huge difference, although CT is closer.

I just love the DOCband over the STARband.  I have probably made up my mind, but someone with experience in this would be great to talk to.  I joined a plagio group on Yahoo but am having a hard time learning how to navigate through it.  My questions haven't posted yet as I think they have to be approved first.

I'll give this a break for awhile.

But some exciting news... I have made this blog public for the time being and my blog will be on the list of plagio blogs on Maysa's Blog who's blog I shared with you earlier this week.  It's a great blog.  If you are interested in Lola's brachy then definitely check out this blog.  It's very helpful.

I need to start enjoying my weekend!  Peace! :)

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Suzanne said...

hey woman!!! what a cutie!!! yes, i would definitely use cranial tech. my neonatologist and my pedi said that CT is THE ONLY bands they would refer to their patients. they had seen the products of other bands and said that when you are spending that type of money for such a serious condition, you need to go with the best and the other places didn't have as good outcomes. so, we never looked anywhere else (she was very adamant that we use CT!) good luck! ;)