Friday, August 7, 2009

Another test

5-10-09 016My baby girl.  She used to be so small.  Wow.  I can’t believe it.  This was taken on my first mother’s day.  Oh boy.  By the way if this test works- I’ll add some info… Lola is now 14 lbs.  I need to update you guys on the latest dr app… yep, concerning her head. :( 


This is with Windows Live Writer so I am seeing if this is worth what I have thought up in my head.  I am on my laptop which I could totally post from this computer EXCEPT it’s pretty darn old and sometimes won’t even turn on, so I don’t trust loading my pictures on it.  AND the point of using WLW is so I can upload pictures really fast!  So this doesn’t do me any good except make me sad I have a Mac.  How can I be sad about a Mac?  But it’s true.  The things I like to do, a Mac has no benefit to me.  And have I said I hate iPhoto.  I am getting more use to it, but still not my fav. 


Wonder how well this will work?  I like it so far and it does put all Mac apps for bloggers to shame.  Mac should crawl under a rock and not come out until the figure out how to compete with WLW or just talk MS to making it Mac compatible!  Heck ya!

Okay I am going to test this out now… Ill figure out how to upload this to my blog…

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