Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shouldn’t be allowed to write or even think for that matter…

I won’t say much.  My brain has literally crashed and all my decision making powers have been given to Clayton. Just an update before tomorrow’s CT appointment.

Our CT appointment is tomorrow and a lot of doubt has entered our minds on whether or not to move forward with a band for Lola’s head.  I have to be careful because a lot of opinions and thoughts are crowding my brain and in the end Clay and I need to feel confident in the decision we make.

Lola can at least look back and read this some day and realize how much we care about her and her cute little, big head. 


A few thoughts:

I feel like her head is improving daily, yet I doubt it will ever be really round. 

I feel like her hair will be a huge advantage for her. 

I haven’t seen very many before and after pictures with brachy that seem $4,000 worthy,

except the blog I talked about a few post ago.

If Lola was NOT symmetrical then I would definitely move forward but I feel she is.

Her width is my main concern

and her pediatrician said a band would not correct the width.

I  think it may some, but in whole, she has a wide head.  Will blame Clayton… just kidding.  Kind of.

When I look at Lola, I think she is beautiful,

so it makes me feel like there isn’t really a reason to fix it,

on the other hand I don’t want to regret it when she’s sixteen…

or any other age.

Something else I definitely am concerned about is her head sweating.  She is a sweater BIG TIME.  It’s almost weird.  Okay IS weird.  And she HATES being hot.  So in Texas heat, a band on her head, and sweat-

I just don’t see this being a good combo for her and feel she may not be okay with this.

I hear it can be a real easy transition for babies, but I am definitely having my doubts that it will be with Lola and that will leave all of us frustrated. 

We can’t afford to waste $4,000. 

Last, I don’t want anyone to think we wouldn’t do this because of money.

Insurance not accepting the claim definitely has us evaluating the situation more, which is good, but not making the decision for us. 

We have something worked out that will allow this to be doable for us,

so that isn’t a deciding factor.   

I love my Lola Lou.  Her giggles made me at peace today.  


Clay and I made a list of questions, okay you caught me, I made a list of questions and we are both going to the appointment tomorrow.  Clay will pretty much make the final decision.  If we both feel a peace about moving forward we have the scan scheduled too, but if we have a hesitation then we will wait on the scan.  They were very nice and could fit us in for a scan as soon as we wanted if we still move forward.  Her pediatrician appointment is Thursday and I would like to ask him a few more questions from a pediatrician standpoint. 

Well I must go to bed tonight early.  Lola was asleep by ten and I should have taken full advantage.  I’ll learn some day, although I feel this is prime time for moms!  :)

I’ll update tomorrow night. 

Thanks for prayers and support.


amy said...

Hi Natalie- I just read you comment on Reese and Riley's blog. I know it's such a tough decision- and it's of course a different one for everybody. My girls experience with the bands (As you read) was VERY out of the ordinary. Neither my pedi or Cranial Tech had EVER heard of anyone getting MRSA from the band (leave it to us to be the exception- ha!). All other people I know that have gone thru CT in Dallas had great experiences and great outcomes. Since the girls got staph, it makes them susceptible to getting it again, we were quite skeptical of putting them back in the bands. We went to see a Cranial Facial Surgeon for his opinion on their heads and from there felt like it'd be best for us not to band them. The reassuring thing he told us was that plagiocephaly ALWAYS corrects itself, BUT it could take years and years and years- you never know how long. And that it will not effect anything except the shape of their head (not brain dev, depth perception etc). BUT- like I said I know lots of people that had GREAT experiences with the DOC band- just think after a couple/few short months, you little sweetie will have a sweet round head! :) Praying for yall today!
Amy (Reese and Riley's mommy)
ame0831 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...


Sorry you are going through this and I don't want to crowd your brain even more with thoughts or opinions, but I want to state a fact that your pediatrician probably didn't mention to you when he/she said that the band would not correct her width. What he didn't tell you is that the band WILL prevent her head from growing wider while the back of her head fills out. Without the band, there will be NO restriction to her head growing in width.

That's it.

Good luck in your decision making.


~Laura~ said...

Cute header!! :)
(I've already shared my thoughts and opinions- you will make the right choice- whichever one!) :)