Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA and Design Star

Did you hear about what happened on the VMA’s last night?  It was crazy and so awkward.  Clay and I saw it and I wanted him to rewind it so I could see it again, and Clay didn’t want to because it was so horrible and uncomfortable to watch.  Kanye should be forever banned from the VMAs.  Seriously.  Luckily Taylor Swift is classy and handled it like a lady.  I on the other hand, wouldn’t have.  What a jerk.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, go to and they have the story and videos of it there. 

And then Design Star.  I won’t say who won, but I was disappointed in each design the contestants did.  Actually I would go as far and say it was HORRIBLE.  Poor viewers who watch and don’t know a thing about decorating and actually take clues from these people.  Sad.  I am glad my mother is such a great decorator.  I really enjoy it myself.  I always wanted to redo the family’s house I nannied for.  All that money and one ugly house.  That’s sad too.

I don’t think I’ll tune into Design Star next year and the VMAs are always worth watching, not to say they are great though, because they aren’t. 

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~Laura~ said...

crap. I think I just tried to post a comment (a kinda long one) and when I went to send it it didn't go, right as i noticed i clicked out of it. dangit. basically, he sucks!!!