Friday, September 18, 2009

A Couple of Videos!

Lola was sitting in her crib, which she loves, and I started popping up over the side and she loved it! Since her reaction was so darn cute, I ran and got the camera to get her shrills on film!

Lola couldn't see me and she was just chillin' out in her highchair after a good lunch... well she started talking away so I got the camera to try and secretly film her, especially since I know she talks the most when she thinks no one is around... but she caught me! It was so cute. And I think it's funny how she talks the most in her carseat or when she doesn't realize I am near by. Is she singing? Maybe I'll have the next... well I was going to say Britney Spears- but I think I'll pass on saying that... although Lola and I are big fans of Britney and hate we missed her concert!

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