Saturday, September 12, 2009


We have yet another appointment Monday with CT to address the problems with the  band that are still going on almost 2 weeks out.  We are expecting them to allow for a new band and I expect a new DSi scan of her head Monday, so we can get her in a band that she can actually wear.  We will see how this goes.  I have thought they were nice, but at this point I am getting very frustrated and wondering if I should have gone with Star Cranial.  By the way Star Cranial was a good bit cheaper!  I’ll let you know after Monday’s appointment if I still feel good about CT or not.  The band is rubbing on Lola’s head causing blisters, especially when she lays in it and always when she sleeps.  It also is causing too much pain.  I know the band doesn’t fit right and I believe if it did it wouldn’t have her so upset.  Laura heard her cry first hand and it’s definitely different from any other cry.  It breaks my heart.  Is this what we paid almost $4,000 for?  That is a BIG FAT NO!  So hopefully Monday we will get this resolved and have a new band in a week or so and things will run smoother.  They have quotes on their website about how they have to get these bands right and how important it is, so wouldn’t they agree to get her a new band that she can wear?  I would think they would make this right, so I won’t go there about if they don’t… so please pray for Monday.  I’ll let everyone know that day what comes of the appointment. 


Thought I would update everyone so on Monday you would know what was going on!



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