Thursday, September 24, 2009

Band Update

Well it’s now Thursday and we got the new band on Monday and everything seems to be smooth sailing now. She deals with this band much, MUCH better than the last one. Jeanne, the founder and inventor of DOC Bands and CT, really had a hand in making this new band and it shows. They made the band wider and accommodated her big cheeks, without trying to jeopardize her head growing wider. They also put the latch on the other side, which seems to help, and like I said earlier- they went with a brachy style band instead of a band for plagio. She starting sleeping in the band Tuesday night and she is doing fabulous. I am really so proud of her. She is such a sweaty baby and obviously the band makes it worse, so we have to take the band off and dry her hair and the band out several times a day. We definitely are keeping the house cooler, so this rain and cooler weather has been a relief. She has been wearing the band full-time and I just finally feel so much better about it all. It won’t be a huge deal having her wear it, but I still hope it takes as little time as possible. And it seems a lot of people decorate their bands, but I think I’ll leave it plain jane. That may surprise some of you, but I like things to look neat and crisp, so I am scared I won’t like stickers or something on it.

Now on to pictures!

Lola: Hey Everyone! Guess where I am?


Lola: I am in the laundry hamper! My mom couldn’t carry me and all the laundry so she just plopped me in the hamper!


Lola: I think I like the hamper.


Lola in her new band!


We had the eyes cut down, but as you can see they need to be trimmed quite a bit more. The helmet slides down a lot, which they said it would especially while her head is so flat, so Tuesday I’ll get it trimmed. It doesn’t bother me or her enough to go back before the next adjustment.


I love the car napping pictures! She looks so peaceful.



Aubrey is patiently waiting on her momma to get off the phone. LOL~ I love this picture.


Like Mom like Daughter-

Already addicted to the greatness of CFA Sweet Tea!

071 082 068

Payback is a…. comical event…

Lola is finally getting revenge now that she can do more than just lay helplessly. Aubrey did not like the tables changed.. hmm... or turned? Whatev! Check out video in the post below! Lola would scream at Aubrey and try and talk to her, which didn’t go over well. Apparently Lola was forcing Aubrey to hold her hand… no wonder Aubrey starting bawling! “Oh girls- work it out amongst yourselves…” We will be saying that before we know it!



Messy girl. Lola got to eat lunch- but I did not. Laura took Lola so I could eat, but then I just starting taking pictures!


They see something interesting?


I must get videos of Lola walking. She loves it and I am scared we are going to make her miss the crawling stage. She just loves walking and now Clay and I have to walk her all around the house to make her happy thanks to Nonna and Aunt Kebby teaching her to walk.

040 036

Lola and I are waiting in the car for her Daddy to finish up record shopping at HPB. So what else do we do when we are waiting- Photo Shoot!


Yayaya! Lola can sit up on our carpet now and I don’t have to worry as much thanks to Popper getting us carpet padding for under our rug/carpet. It so much softer now. Lola loves playing with her toys on the floor!


Sunday we got the pleasure of running into Uncle Nick at church. It was a lot of fun and Lola was super excited to see him! They are so cute…


Lola fell asleep and so I didn’t get photos but over the weekend we had a great time with Gram and Popper celebrating Popper’s birthday. We ate at none other than, Maggiano’s and then went shopping at Northpark. Lola got some fun pants and bows from Gram, but missed it all due to her long nap! Church must have worn her out! lol

And I never put a picture up, but Lola and I got the pleasure of being treated by Rox for a brunch two weekends ago! Rox threatened our friendship again over which pictures I could post and this one was the only one that made the cut… poor Lola.


I think that’s all for now. I feel like I am missing some stuff!

I have been in the mood to redecorate, so for $20 I totally redid most things- by making new pillows and rearranging. I’ll have to take photos and post them. I wanted my den to look more comfy and old school but still with a touch of new. So I’ll post pictures… I made plaid pillows with ruffles and peace signs. Clay and I like them!


ronda said...

totally agree- this band is wayy better! so glad too!
smart idea putting her in the hamper.. gotta multitask ya know! haha. can't wait to see the pillows! love the pics from CFA- our girls are so cute :)
Oh, I was gonna say about the video, if you look at the last frame after it played, Lola has a look like "oh crap! What did I do?!" HAHA!!

roxrae5679 said...

BUAHAHAHAHA!!! Nat, thank you so much for putting up the "good" pic! Lola and I will get it together for a a perfect, bloggable pic sooner or later!!! I am so impressed with the head band!!! I will keep praying for her beautiful little head!!! Brunch next weekend?!? Love you and my little friend, Lola Lou!!!