Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Sitting Up Queen

She is so good at sitting up and really enjoys it.  She thinks she is so big now! Time to start baby proofing! :)

 065 080

She still falls over of course but normally finds it funny.


New Leopard Bow! Forever XXI for babies…lol 113

First picture she is looking at her Daddy and I loved the second one too.  How did she learn to sit up so well?

 097 094 088 082 079


We went to CT today.  Much better.   I liked who we saw today and she really relieved some pressure in the band.  I think this will be a huge difference compared to what they did last time.  She saw her pink spot and wanted the band to stay off until it was completely gone.  So hopefully she’ll be back in the band tomorrow and sleeping in it Wednesday or Thursday night.  Please pray that this worked and we can start wearing it full-time!


 023 - Copy

I love the way she looks and plays with Clay.

033 - Copy 

I love all of her new face expressions.  She is really learning to communicate with us more and more.  She’s a smartie!

009 - Copy

025 - Copy

Good night.  My goal is to be in bed by 10:30 tonight. 

Work day tomorrow.   :) 

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