Thursday, September 10, 2009

Like a Champ

Well I am blogging like a champ right now and you may be regretting my new PC which means Windows Live Writer, which means easier blogging which translates into MORE blogging… did you follow?  Fun for me, a lot for you.  I have had a journal since I can remember and because I now have the worst handwriting ever seen from a female, I enjoy typing my journal… for the public to read I guess.  I don’t think about that too much, which you all can probably tell from the way I write.  I do sometimes think about Lola reading it though and the other siblings she will have.  This will be interesting twenty years down the road. 

I have had a hard time switching from a Mac back to a PC, but enjoy having a laptop again and did I mention I LOVE Windows Live Writer?  LOVE IT.  It takes seconds to add tons of pictures. 

Okay if you are still reading you can probably stop.  The rest is about how I love Walmart’s formula and how it’s the same as the expensive stuff.  I really wanted to blog about this.  I’m weird. More of a journal entry maybe. ?? 


Okay- I have to give props to the great Walmart.  Let me just say that I started off breastfeeding and thought I was going to LOVE it… who the hell loves to breastfeed anyways?  Apparently there are some of you crazy women out there… I am either impressed or completely weirded out by you all breastfeeding your 9 month olds.   But before you all get mad I am weirded out by you, just know that I do want to try to breastfeed longer with my next baby boo.  So maybe I’ll be one of those crazy breastfeeding mommas next time… OH… this story does have a point besides that.  Okay moving forward.  So since breastfeeding was such a drag for me (leaky and sticky, totally unsexy, latching problems, increases and decreases milk, beach at six weeks post partum, etc…) I decided to switch to formula.  It shocked me because I thought I would love it and be a pro.  Lola’s peditrician and Nonna finally made me feel good enough to make the switch and Lola’s pediatrician put us on Enfamil Gentlease which is a whopping $26-$30 bucks a can.  And Lola was a good eater so the cans didn’t last long.  She seemed to love it.  But after time went on I kept seeing Walmart ads comparing their formula to Enfamil’s.  The nutrition, ingredients, and numbers were the EXACT same.  And there’s only cost $14 bucks.  Half the price.  I asked my doctor about switching and he said NO!  And actually had me switch to Enfamil AR which is suppose to help spitting up.  It didn’t and it just made Lola super fussy and her spit up came up thick.  I tried to tell him the new formula wasn’t going well but he kept saying give it time.  After a week on it and no progress, I switched again.  Despite him being against Walmart Parent’s Choice Gentle formula (the one identical to Enfamil Gentlease) I decided to go for it.   He said babies do better on expensive formulas, yada, yada, yada.  He said there was only a 50% chance of her taking the new formula.  THAT WAS GOOD ENOUGH PERCENTAGE FOR ME… I must have been the girl who believed the glass is half full that day.  AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT?  She loves it.  She still is on it and it is fabulous.  And best of all, makes her happy and our checking account.  WAY TO GO WALMART!  If there are any parents using expensive formula and especially if you don’t seem to have a super picky baby… why would you pay more?  I suggest all parents start off on cheaper formula and if it doesn’t work then you can move to more expensive ones.  I won’t make that mistake again.   

This has been on my mind to blog about so I guess I just felt the need to blog about this at 1 a.m. tonight.

I am still not sleeping good.  Despite waking up early to take Lola’s to my mom’s by 9 a.m. and working all day, I can’t seem to fall asleep.

I did get a lot of work in and thanks to Nonna for keeping Lola.  They seem to have lots of fun.  I was anxious being away from Lola all day, but it was a good break and I was very productive- dedicating all my time to work… not even 1 load of laundry nor a lunch break.  After I finished working at 6 I picked Lola up from Nonna’s and headed to her Gram and  Popper’s house.  Clay met us there too and we had Tino’s Take-Out and Lola got to play with them.  She was pretty happy despite being so tired.  As soon as we got home, I changed her and put her PJ’s on and right to sleep she went.  She should sleep good tonight.  :)  Did I just jinx myself?

Okay well I have to be up around 8 tomorrow too so I better go to bed.  This isn’t good.  Tylenol PM anyone?  


~Laura~ said...

I like that you stay up late.. because I always know I have something to read in the mornings! haha! :)

nonna said...

Nonna loves getting to spend the day with LOLA, however my house is not staying as clean as it once was because I love playing with her!!!