Thursday, October 1, 2009


The time has come.  It’s sad.  Lola’s loosing her hair.  I think part of it is from the DOC Band, part from laying on the back of her head for the last 5 months, and part is in with the new, out with the old.   A lot of the hair in the back has broken off and she has short little pieces.  It’s pretty cute.  Then in some places she has really long strays.  LOL.  Hopefully it will thicken back up while still in the band, but if not, when she graduates from the band she’ll look like she is wearing a toupee.  We had a band adjustment earlier this week and Clay and I can see a difference everyday.  The band really isn’t any trouble.  The only downfall is it’s hard to snuggle with her because she gives you a busted lip or black eye because she isn’t aware that her head is now bulky and pretty hard.  LOL. 

Today I had a big scare.  Lola fell, but she wasn’t sitting, she was standing and caught her head first.  She had her band on, but it was such a hard fall and her cry was so loud, that I was beside myself too.  Bless our hearts.  I kept a close eye on her today and kept her band off for about 30 minutes.  Everything seems good, yet I almost had a heart attack.  I’ll keep a close eye on her sleeping tonight too.

Okay well Thursday night is filled with great TV shows, so hopefully Lola will go to bed early tonight and Clay and I can catch up on the DVR.

Oh and we are working on getting some insurance stuff straightened out, then we can move forward with appealing the denial for coverage on the DOC Band, so please pray for the appeal process.  Thanks! :) 

Love, Nat 

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