Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to Laura!

Well a lot of fun things are happening today.  Laura turned a whopping 24!  So we went to have a little birthday breakfast this morning without the little ones!  It was great! 

Happy Birthday Laura!

Gram watched Lola (thanks Gram!) so I went to pick her up afterwards then we headed to Wal-mart!  Lola kept falling asleep here and there, so we finally came back home so she could nap in peace.  That’s where I am now!

When she wakes back up, we can eat lunch, then adventure back out- it’s just gorgeous outside.  Wish I were at the lake!  Clay is having a Clay day until we meet up to get ready for a fun night of Halloween activities.  We are taking Lola out to Trunk-or-Treat in Forney and she is going to be a monster!  I’ll post pictures this weekend!

Last but not least, Lola has been in the band 5 1/2 weeks now, and her head has finally made that transition to looking better, to looking great!  I really can’t believe the difference in the past 2 days.  So Monday we will find out if it’s just on for a week longer or 2.  Doesn’t look like it will make it 2 more weeks, unless they don’t really shave it on Monday, which it may not need it.  It’s pretty loose.  I think it’s looser because her head really seems to be taking on a whole new shape.  But of course she still looks like cute ol’ Lola.  I just love that girl.  Big surprise, ay?  Oh and I am going to ask CT if they think 1 or 2 more weeks… they should know on Monday- THEN I am going to ask them if she wasn’t out growing it, how many more weeks would they think?  I hope the numbers are really close… but at this point I think a 2nd band is not worth considering, unless her head regresses back, which supposedly there is less than a 1% chance of that.  But she is real young still- so makes me nervous!

Okay well I guess I will wash some bottles! lol-

Happy Halloween!

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~Laura~ said...

yayay! Thanks girl! I had fun at breakfast!! Thanks again friend! :)