Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lola’s First Halloween!

We had so much fun allowing Lola to experience Halloween… well kind of.  We spent the evening at Trunk-or-Treat in Forney.  And Lola was super excited because Aubrey met her out there! 

I feel like Lola actually makes me look thinner! lol



She was a big, bad, scary, purple Monster!



184 198 210 203 205 207 219

Her Daddy and her being silly…


And Sweet!


Yes, that is Ba and Nonna.  My dad went as an old man, so he thought, but really he went as Chester Molester. 

155 147  148



162 173

We tried new food on Halloween and she was not happy about it… so we went back to the good stuff!  But she looked cute making those disgusting faces in her little Halloween outfit!


And if you made it through all the pictures- then you get the bonus picture of her beautiful little head!  Are you guys amazed?  Have we turned you into believers of the DOC Band!?  I am just thrilled.  We have an appointment tomorrow! And shots! (2 Doctor appointments tomorrow!!) :(



One Great Halloween!


Ginni said...

She is the cutest little monster ever!

Debbie said...

I don't know how many people the little green and purple monster scared but I know she melted some hearts!!

~Laura~ said...

haha,so cute! She was so photogenic that night!!
That pic of all four of us.. of course the girls have the exact same expression and looking at what??? lol!
and, her head does look great!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween to you too, Natalie. If only all monsters could look like Lola... too cute!

That side view picture of her head is amazing indeed. I give her an A+.