Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To Lola


You are 6 1/2 months old. And you are amazing. I always knew I wanted to be a mom. It was the only thing I knew for certain and I knew I would love it. Yet I didn’t know how much I could love a baby, how much I would love you. I thought you were a boy at first, and now I can’t even imagine having a boy. You are so much fun and such a lover…

  • You really are a trooper for wearing that darn DOC Band for 8 weeks and your head looks beautiful. You did great growing- probably because you are such a great eater!
  • Your kisses make my soul smile and I imagine that is what Heaven will feel like- Lola kisses for eternity. You grab my face and push your face on my cheek as tight as you can and slobber all over me… and I love it. You seem to be so in love with me too.
  • I love the anticipation of you learning and doing new things, but I also know that means you are getting bigger and bigger.
  • I love that you have already taken a knob off the kitchen cabinet door.
  • I love snuggling with you, which shows because you sleep with us almost every night. I keep making excuses. But waking up at 4 a.m. and seeing you snoozing next to me is peaceful to me… and it’s the best when you wake up, hear your daddy snoring in the middle of the night, push up real tall on your hands and look over me at him…and do the “stare.” I wish he could see it, because you do give such an aggravated look. It cracks me up, we giggle, then you go back to sleep.
  • In case you ever wonder- you are a big girl… If there were 99 other girl babies your age in a room- you would weigh more than 94 of them and you would be taller than 92 of them. Maybe you will be like me and grow real tall and big and in 5th grade you will never grow again! lol
  • I think you are a morning baby, but you really do well at all times of the day. There is nothing better than the morning with you. How do you wake up so happy? It may go with my theory that you dream of Jesus while you sleep because I believe babies know Jesus.
  • You can blame me if you are a picky eater, but you don’t seem to be so far. You do seem a lot like me in that you love sweet foods. Anything sweet. I will try my hardest to teach you to like all foods, but I feel like it may be the one area I really won’t be great at.
  • You really have started talking nonsense words, and I love it once again. It seems you think you are saying something real definite. I can’t wait till you do one day.
  • I feel like you have learned everything so fast, so I am really enjoying watching you learn how to crawl. It’s been the first thing that seems to be a bit more of a process and it’s fun encouraging you and letting you figure it all out.
  • Your newest thing is rocking. You stand on your crib and rock, you sit on the floor and rock, you rock in a buggy at Target… it’s pretty funny.
  • And thank goodness Christmas is coming up because your new favorite song is Jingle Bells… I have even made non-Christmas versions to sing to you. We may just all hate that song by the time Christmas gets here. :)

Well my list is getting so long, but really I could go on all night about all the things your daddy and I love about you. He really has fallen in love with you and can’t get over what a pretty little girl you are and how smart you are already. We are so proud of you even at 6 months old and look forward to seeing you grow and grow.

Love, Mom and Dad011

  • P.S.- The ponytail is one of my favorite first so far!


Anonymous said...

Love all you posts!! You thrill my heart!

Nonna said...

You are so good at saying what we all feel! You and clay are great parents! We are enjoying every minute of our sweet Lola Lou!!!

Debbie said...

My heart swells with pride for your family and I'm so proud to part of it! I think Lola gets her happiness from her happy loving parents!!