Monday, November 9, 2009

Arkansas Fun

Well last week was crazy and the weekend was well-needed.  Saturday we just chilled all day while Clay worked… bummer.  Last week, Lola and I left with Nonna to make a quick trip to Arkansas to help Carole with her new house and to introduce Lola to Aunt Rosie and Uncle Rudy, since they wouldn’t get the chance to meet otherwise.  It was something that I really wanted to do and soon and while Lola was still in the band.  Lola was really good in the car, actually she was great the whole time!  She was showing off her good-natured self!

So here are some pictures…

My Aunt Rosie was so excited to meet Lola.  She didn’t know we were coming so it was a nice surprise!  Aunt Rosie gave Lola her Scarlet doll, which is such a sweet keepsake for Lola to have. 013

Then off to Carole’s we went and Mary Grace was there too ready to love on Lola.  And that she did! 


I totally made the mistake of not taking before pictures of Carole’s house, but the after are pretty amazing.  The house had so much charm and warmth that we just needed to bring out.  Here are a couple of shots… and you would never guess… Carole hated that chandelier!!!  So we cleaned it up and put some leopard shades on it- who wouldn’t kill for that now? 




We enjoyed the time with Carole and her whole family and seeing Aunt Rosie and Uncle Rudy!  But traveling with a baby, even a well-behaved baby, isn’t on my to-do list anytime soon! lol

Note to MG: Come to bakery school here (I don’t know if it’s actually called bakery school!) and live with my mom while you go to school!  How much fun would we all have!)


Notice anything special?


Lola’s first ponytail!


Putting my daughter’s hair in a ponytail made me smile!  I just love moments like that…

And last- they go hand-in-hand I guess.  We didn’t get the grant for Lola’s helmet, which was really a letdown.  So that’s that.  I can keep fighting with insurance, but who knows.  I guess I won’t get my hopes up again.  Quite frankly it sucks… but what do you do.

And the other thing is Lola’s exit appointment for her DOC band is next Tuesday, which means she will be done!  So only one more week.  Now that sounds like good news and it is, but I have to admit I was a tad disappointed because she isn’t “graduating” from the band because she’s finished getting results, it’s because she has already outgrown her band, which happens when babies grow so rapidly.  They said that she could get more results from a second band, but it was borderline.  They already know I can’t afford the second, so they didn’t push it and really just praised all her results she has gotten in 7 weeks.  I was glad they did that, but at the same time I just wish she could have gotten through Thanksgiving.  But don’t get me wrong, I am happy with the results, I just know that there could be more as well.  On Tuesday they will do another DSi scan, take new photos, and have a graduation for her.  I am excited about that.  And she said depending on how the band fits next week, she may be able to wear it the next week as long as it isn’t too tight- BUT NO LONGER THAN THAT! Strict rules! :)  She has been needing an adjustment every week, so I know at the very, very most she will wear the band for two more weeks, but maybe just one.  So I’ll just be happy about it and try not to worry about regression and/or a second band.

If you think of it, pray for Clay on Friday.  It is his end of the year review and we are anxious.  We are hoping God opens some doors to provide for our family.  I am starting a T-Shirt business as well, and am anxious about that.  I’ll be talking about it more as soon as I nail down a few things.  I should have shirts by Thanksgiving for sure.  And don’t you worry- I’ll try and talk you all into buying one, or five! lol  They really will be great shirts for family and friends… I’ll have Holiday shirts and birthday shirts for sure… and maybe more!  We will have to see…. but I am here to say- the birthday shirts might be my favorite! 

:) Nat


ronda said...

1. Back to the picture header I see- nice!
2. I LOVE the first pic you put up.. ya'll's faces are great! lol!
3. Bummer about the insurance.. :( Lola's head looks fantastic though, so don't even stress about that second band!!
4. Love the ponytail! Actually, I'm surprised it took you so long! haha. I've been thinking about doing one for Aubrey, highly doubt she'd let me! lol !


~Laura~ said...

And, again.. oops! Ronda=Laura :)

Nonna said...

I love the pony tail!!!! That is so fun! Thank you for going with me! What a great trip and Lola was perfect! I so enjoyed our time at the Brockinton resort!!!!

Debbie said...

She's such a big girl with the ponytail! Looks like she charmed everyone in Arkansas too!