Sunday, November 22, 2009

Almost 7 Months

Clay makes fun of me, but I always look back at pictures because I just can’t believe how fast our baby girl is growing.  7 Months is less than a week away, so I looked back at her 6 month pictures- and here are some of my favorites…

She fell asleep in her daddy’s arms on a family date night.  I couldn’t believe she fell asleep with all the distractions and of course I wanted a picture.


What is this face all about??


Showing off her big girl sparkling shoes!!


Really concentrated on those diamonds…


The shoes eventually came off during the family date night, because she couldn’t do anything else but adore her shoes! LOL


Is this not just a face of bliss?

027 - Copy

I love this picture for some reason… I can’t believe Tuesday means no more DOC Band pictures- I’ll sord of miss that helmet. :)


038 (4)

Maw-Maw finally holding Lola for a minute despite her shoulder… it just kills her she can’t hold her.


Papa getting to love on Lola and Lola getting to love on Papa!


Lola shaking her crib--- she thinks this is hilarious.


Lola: What Mom?

Lola has learned to wave, but doesn’t associated it with meaning… she just thinks it is really cool to do.  It’s adorable.

002 (2)

Lola got to meet Aunt Rosie and Uncle Rudy013

Getting to hang with friends, Carole and MG.  We miss you all!


There’s a ponytail in this picture- can you see it?

031 (2)

Lola can walk all the way around her crib and she loves to bang on the wall decor… And she gets really excited when she has made it all the way around to her starting point and just smiles and yells!

039 - Copy

Okay- hope you enjoyed some of the pics!

Around Tuesday will be Lola’s final before and after pictures of her beautiful head!  And I am sure I’ll post more as she continues to grow to compare and see if progress is still being made naturally now. :)  We are excited!

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