Sunday, November 22, 2009

Too many teeth to handle-

These bottom teeth came in so quickly!!  And early!  Only a couple days of fussing and boom!! There they were.

051 (2)

But these suckers are much different.  ALL week has been terrible for Lola and two cut through earlier this week and the front middle ones are right there about to break through.  Poor girl- she’s being a trooper, but with teething and bad congestion- there’s just so much a baby can handle.  She’s sleeping with a humidifier tonight (thanks Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw for bringing yours over for her!) and I have been using Baby Vicks (which is AWESOME).  Baby Vicks uses Lavender and Eucalyptus oils.  So I ditched my “Adult” Vicks and now Lola and I share!

026 (3) 

I kept Lola in most of the day today, but we had to go see Cassi for a minute because she (UT Tyler) was playing at UTD (she’s a coach!!) and she had the cutest gift for us!  She got us the Marc Jacobs perfume, Lola.  HAHAHA!   Not only is the name great, but the bottle is fabulous.  Thanks Cassi!  And you looked great girl!!     Lola Marc Jacobs

After driving out to UTD (thanks Clay for taking us!), we went and looked at records and then went to get the best tacos in the nation… at the most Ghetto place ever!  Fuel City!  It’s a gas station, plus drive-thru for beer and cigarettes, plus a car wash and then on top of it all there’s a shack to get Tacos and a random pool.  Oh did I mention the live music?  Yes, gas station- and it was so ghetto.  Clay did agree with the critics- they are the best.  It was just terrible and I am sure you all guessed right- I didn’t try a bite, not even a tiny little bitty bite.

Is anyone watching SNL anymore?  I just feel like they have been terrible lately.  Bummer.  I always hope they are really good, so Clay doesn’t feel too old that we are in on a Saturday night.  LOL- Hey I did go to the ghetto with him tonight and it just made me that much more glad I had a baby and home… and he was really glad to try some tacos.  Everyone was happy, even Lola after teething tablets and numbing meds.

:) Night

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Ginni said...

Wow those teeth do look painful, it is hard to look at those close up pictures, poor baby! Oh and I am obsessed with the Lola perfume, it smells so good!