Monday, November 23, 2009

It happened to us!

So have you ever been somewhere and someone mysteriously picked up your tab?  Dinner, gas, coffee- Boom! Paid for?  Ha!  It happened to Clay, Lola, and I on our date tonight at Tino’s!  But it wasn’t so mysterious who the gracious friends were that gave us a free-date night!  The Blackley’s!  Joi is a silent reader and I just love when I get the pleasure of running into her.  I saw her last week as well! We all walked up at the same time and chatted for awhile and then after they ate, they came and talked to us some more.  Shortly after they left, we asked for the check and she said it had already been taken care of!  WOWOWOWOWOWOW!  That was so cool and it made me feel special!  Too kind!! And Joi and I need to have a girls day soon!!!  You in Joi?

Thanks Joi and Trent!!!

Well tomorrow is the big day and I have already made before and after pictures today, but I will probably end up using the pictures they take tomorrow, so I am excited to report back in to everyone with pictures and numbers for those who know what they mean.

Night, Night!!!

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