Tuesday, October 6, 2009

House Arrest

Lola and I are under lock down because we are scared of the swine flu. 


This is not good. 

So I walk in to mom’s house yesterday to see if she is home on my way back to my house from Forney, and Kebby is on the couch crying and no mom.  So I of course asked Kebby why she was crying (already knew she didn’t feel well) and she said really pitifully that she didn’t feel good and she couldn’t find any medicine.   I left Lola in the car outside because I was just running in and when I saw Kebby was so sick I brought Lola inside for just a minute so I could get Kebby situated.  I left Lola in her carseat by the back door incase Kebby had the flu.  Thank goodness!  I am praying Lola doesn’t get it.  I hear it isn’t good for babies… and if she did have it I am sure her band would be the least of my concerns, but it was expensive, and high fever (associated with the flu) means the band has to come off. 

I am already such a freak about people touching Lola.  I went crazy on this one woman at Wal-mart.  Did I tell you all the story?  Basically it was a female who YOU would NOT have wanted to touch your child either, flu season or not, and I told her, “YOU DO NOT TOUCH OTHER PEOPLE’S BABIES!!!!!!”  They looked at me like I was crazy and walked off, and if Lola was any older, I would have certainly  mortified her for life.  She touched her feet and she had no socks on AND she snuck up on us and caught me off gaurd.   So my mom said that I should start telling people don’t touch and make a joke of it so I don’t seem like a total bitch.  Man, was I one at Wal-mart?  Probably, but it was called for. 

So when I picked up a few things from the Dry Cleaners (which I rarely use) the lady who put the clothes in my back seat saw Lola and started touching her hands, so I just said, “OH! Please don’t touch.”  And she said “Sorry” as if she had ran over my cat so I felt real bad (which the word cat reminded me of something I forgot to blog about!) and I just said I was pretty scared of her catching the flu!  I felt uncomfortable, but I felt better too since a stranger was no longer touching Lola. 

Okay- so Murphy, Clay’s dog, who is with Clay’s parents, got bit by a snake in the face.  It was pretty serious, but he is doing much better.  Poor Clay he was so worried.  Did I mention this already?  Can’t remember anything today. 

Lola and I took a long nap together today.  First time in awhile I have taken a nap with her… we did that when she was just a few weeks old, but not recently!  It was great. 

Okay so back to house arrest, Lola and I are trying to be careful and the doctor told my Mom that flu season hasn’t even started yet!  We will have to be more careful, especially until Lola' gets her 6 month shots.  They say the more vaccines they have the better off they are, even with the Swine Flu.  If the Swine Flu vaccines comes available for her, I’ll have to consider it.    

Off to make dinner for the family!  

This might be a pretty A.D.D. blog…

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