Tuesday, October 20, 2009


One of my very favorite things about babies in general is seeing them start having preferences in life.  When Lola was first born, it seemed her only preference was to sleep and eat and preferably not be swaddled or have her feet covered.  Then she starting developing more likes and dislikes and it didn’t take long.  Most of them were very cute even the sleeping on her back with her hands up by her head, but little did I realize it was causing such a problem.  Once she got her band I didn’t worry about her being on her back so much, yet hoped she would develop a liking for tummy time.  I never dreamed I could get her to sleep any other way then on her back, yet once again those natural preferences kicked in…


This was her signature sleeping position since birth and she LOVED it.  Never once did I see her sleep any other way! 008 - Copy (2)


This was about 4 weeks ago when she kept twisting her body on her side and wouldn’t lay any other way.  It was quite amusing and Clay and I would go stare at her in her crib.  We thought it was pretty adorable and amazing seeing her prefer a new sleeping position.  068 - Copy


And this is now.  It’s hard to get her to not lay on her stomach, especially if she’s in her crib, but if she’s somewhere else, it’s still very rare to see her sleeping on her back.  I think it looks scary to see her sleeping on her stomach, especially with the helmet on her because it looks heavy (which it isn’t!) and looks like it could interfere with her moving her head (which it doesn’t!).  But this is her preference now… amazing! 



With the DOC Band coming off in roughly 4 weeks, it’s pretty good she is moving and rolling so much!  If she was sleeping straight on her back and head then I would be really worried with regression.  I am still a little worried, but hopefully this will help keep her head good and round!  Maybe she’ll be crawling in 4 weeks?  That would put her crawling at almost 7 months.  Yes, she stills loves to walk, but she is showing more interest in crawling and rolling all across the den now… :)  I just love her!  Lola is brilliant!

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Debbie said...

I love seeing her new and different stages. You are so good at documenting her progression. She's such a lovely child and like you I LOVE her HAPPY heart!!