Friday, October 16, 2009


Okay- her are pictures- thanks to Leila, from Maysa’s Blog.  I sent her pictures to get her opinion and she put them in this nice format for me!  I love it!

The original pictures are ones CT took before the band.  The ones next to the original pictures are Lola 3 weeks into the band.  She is growing very fast and I am not for sure how much longer she will fit in this band!  So keep on rounding out Lola! 

Lola 3 weeks in DOC band

Okay- I have to comment on each one:

First off, the front view looks tons better to me.  Her face seems to fit her head size much better now and I can only imagine this will get better and better here on out.  I have noticed with some children who didn’t wear a band and had a brachy problem, that their heads seem disproportioned to their face. 

Her right profile (at top) looks better than her left profile (bottom) to me.  Her right profile makes me so super happy we did this… and so does the frontal view.  I hope the slope and coned head look will get better, which Leila assures me it will and I believe it.  Lola has only worn the band for 3 weeks!

The aerial view is hard to compare on these pictures, but in person it’s amazing.  Her head looks longer rather than wider, which is a huge success.  Her head was wider than longer, which shouldn’t be the case. 

Well, some of you may think it’s weird I am analyzing these pictures like this, but it’s a big deal to me.  As you all know I really debated the band, wanting to make the best decision, and I know now I hands down made the best decision.  I believe it would have been foolish for me not to get the band and not to use Cranial Tech.  If she came out of it now, I would say it’s worth every penny, but luckily she isn’t coming out of it today, so that just means more results!  Yayaya!

Okay well Lola and I got plans, so we gotta’ go- but hope you enjoyed the update with pictures!

Love Nat   

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Aimee said...

If you are not happy with your doctor, I have always loved mine.
Dr. Daniel Nale. 972-341-9696
He has been wonderful with Ash & Sher. He was very very young when we started going to him. He always takes a lot of time and was so good when Sheridan had the blood issues. I know it is scary when something is wrong with your baby. I have been there... LOLA is adorable & I know another mom whose baby just got out of a helmet, & his head looks great. HANG in there. Love you.