Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sick Day


Lola and I made it to the pedi this morning.  He thinks it’s Roseola, which basically means a fever for a few days followed by a rash… so he said to wait and see if a rash develops.  She is doing much better today, so maybe it was her teeth or just her body doing it’s job fighting off all these sick germs! I love my baby girl… I prayed and prayed for a little girl with a happy, HAPPY heart.  And she is the happiest thing I know.  Always be happy Lola, even if you make all D’s in school- just remind me that you have a happy heart and that’s all that matters… happiness will take you far in life!  But still and try to pull off a few A’s and B’s… It’s all probably overrated anyhow. 

And just in my opinion and experience- the new Pediatric and Adolescent Specialists of Rockwall with Dr. Sonnen is terrible.  Every time I go I have such a terrible experience and leave in tears.  Seriously.  Today they talked about me for ten minutes right in front of me as if I wasn’t standing there.  They had some problems with my insurance, but they just concluded that I was trying to scam them and give them a phony insurance card or something.  It was ridiculous… so I just told them that it was immature and rude to talk about someone as if they aren’t standing there and they could ask me about my insurance if they had a question.  I ended up having my HR Rep with Cobra and insurance company call them to tell them where to stick it since I pay a bottom load a month to have insurance for Lola- so don’t act like I am trying to scam you! 

Anyone else want to mess with Lola and me today?  Exactly. 

Man, I have just been in this mood lately where I am tired of everyone being so rude!  Whether it’s comments about Lola’s head, people being inconsiderate and touching her, or doctor offices being all business and forgetting why they are doctors!!  Apparently not to help families, be compassionate, and a healing source for families in need… Dr. Sonnen is always real rude too and we were than for an hour and a half and only one other child was there- and we only saw the doctor for 5 minutes.  Does that seem odd since no one else was there?  He is really a jerk.  I am standing strong on that opinion- even my mom gets that feeling from him.  Duesch. 

Okay I am going to take some nice pills, get off my soap box and right later.  LOL- I think I need a bath tonight with some eucalyptus, not to smoke, but to soak in!  :)  


~Laura~ said...

sorry for your crappy day :(
hope Lola is doing better though!!

Maybe this will give you little laugh:
As I was reading your post, my nephew came up behind me and says "why do they both have babies in their tummies?" He obviously looked at that pic of you and clay off to the side! haha.. the things we get to look forward to hearing our girls say when they're 4!! :)

Ginni said...

Love this picture, sweet Lola!