Monday, October 26, 2009

My 6 Month Old…


Seriously, is Lola really one day shy of 6 months??


Lola is a mess.  She is starting to get into everything and she can’t even crawl yet!  (Laughing.)  She is going to be a lot like me!  When we go shopping, she reaches out to touch everything as we walk down the aisles.  I can’t get frustrated, because I love that she is like me!  Curious as heck.  Yea, Yea, Yea… curiosity killed the cat, but…

Satisfaction brought him back!

Lola will be 6 months old tomorrow.  She’s been here half a year and that fact just doesn’t seem to be true.  I think I can imagine how fast she will be grow up, based off 6 months seeming like 6 weeks, but I would rather not think about her grown yet.  Literally, I just enjoy every day, every week, and every month of her life.  She’s such an amazing little girl already.  I look forward to seeing what she has to offer the world.  As I am typing, she’s in her walker, and she’s walked over to me and is playing with the zipper on my jacket… and soon enough it will be in her mouth.  Looks like 3 teeth will be appearing soon.  Swollen gums, long naps, and fussy.  They are about to make their big debut.  She may look a little funny if she gets more teeth so soon!

Okay DOC Band update.  This weekend she wore it off and on, which I wasn’t a fan off, but it just seemed too small and to be bothering her, which it NEVER does… so this morning we went in to see Julie at CT and turns out Lola had a HUGE growth spurt this past week and need an adjustment BAD!  Although she is rapidly growing out of this band, it still fits which is good news.  Julie told us we would get two more weeks out of the band, and we would push hard for a third week.  So pray for great results in the next 2-3 weeks, so we can feel really happy about the results.  I don’t want to be done with this band and feel like I should do a second.  The second bands cost the same as the first and just isn’t an option.  All in all, I am really proud of myself for researching this, caring so much, and addressing the problem.  And I am super proud of Lola for being so good about it all and so good at CT every week.  AND… (lol) I am glad Clay got on board.  I know it was a hard decision and looking back, I think we all agree it was the right one.  I’ll get Clay to thank me one of these days for pushing him towards the band.  :) I probably won’t post more pictures until we are done with treatment!  Suspense…

Sunday was a  great day!  I had a work meeting to go to, but afterwards Nonna took Lola so Clay got to hang out with Ford and have a football day and I hung out with Laura.  We got our pedicures, went out to the outlet mall to hit up Old Navy, and then had breakfast for dinner.  It was so nice and well needed and deserved might I add, for the both of us.  I cam back home refreshed!

Earlier in the week, Laura and I finally managed to get together to take some pictures of the girls… didn’t come out as fantastic as we would have liked, but I have a feeling it may never.  But nonetheless, our girls are still the cutest and we love them.  Here’s a couple of pictures… I haven’t had tons of time to go  through them all and here are some more pictures of Lola I have taken over the weekend. 



353 358








Looks like Aubrey just told Lola a joke, and Lola cracked up.  I love this picture.

069 C

This picture below is funny… Aubrey is holding on for dear life to the moving swing and Lola is left by her lonesome self sitting in her Bumboo in the background.  What great moms are we?? LOL



145 133

I wanted the classic bath picture in the sink and here it is.  :)






She loves seeing birds!!



Oh and by the way- Lola had a real hair cut today by me!  The band just creates a lot of uneven spots and I just trimmed everything up and cut her bangs so they wouldn’t hang in her eyes and hopefully they will style easier now!  I need to post pictures of the new do- all though it may not be noticeable to anyone else!  :)

Anyways, have a good week!



nonna said...

Oh these pictures are great! I love the one with her on your shoulders! I love them all!!!! I am so grateful for the results of the band! God is good!!!

Candi said...

I love the new pictures. Keep posting. I'm so glad to get to know Lola this way since I haven't been able to meet her in person yet. I read every word. Miss you Jo.

~Laura~ said...

cute-o pics!! I love the one with Lola looking up at the birds, her eyes look really blue! And.. the picture of our "bad" parenting is pretty funny!
Had lots of fun Sunday- we should do it again soon! :)

Mary Grace said...

I can't believe she is 6 months old!! That is so crazy!! I love looking at your blog for new pictures of her!! She is just too cute!! Hope yall get to come visit soon!!

Anonymous said...

I love all these beautiful pictures and since I have been 'out of pocket' for awhile they are even more precious to me. I see I have missed a lot ~ reading the last few I missed.
The girls are darling and I hope they will always be friends - and I bet they will!!
Love you lots, meme'