Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prayer Request

I filled out a grant application for Lola’s DOC Band through UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation.  We meet all requirements, as long as Lola’s pediatrician will write a letter following their criteria.  I have a letter asking him to do this for us which I will take to him tomorrow and I have all the other paperwork ready to be mailed.  The application has been submitted and the documents have to be mailed within 60 days, but of course I’ll have it mailed as soon as I get a letter from Lola’s pediatrician. 

I hope we  have a good chance of being accepted.  I do not know how many applicants they accept or really much about it, YET we do meet ALL the requirements, so hopefully she has a shot.  I do know that they review the decision at a monthly board meeting, so it could be up to 60 days before we know if they will cover all/part/none of the cost.

Please pray for this application process and for us to receive favor!   

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nonna said...

I am praying for the insurance and i I have to say how proud of you JOJO of how you knew Lola needed this. You have taken care of all of this so wisely! You are an awesome mom and dad and I so enjoy watching you! Thank you for giving us such a perfect grandbaby! We so love her!!!!